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Awesome I’ll take a read, I have used LNtxbot and it’s pretty easy to use!

I’m mainly looking to build something that solves this problem:


Yes, lntxbot do that in very simple way. Almost everybody today uses Telegram today,. so a simple command like /tip 100 "add text if you like" will just send sats to a nocoiner in 1 second. Later that new bitcoiner could even add that lntxbot into Zeus or Bluewallet as lndhub account and use it as a regular LN wallet.

All explained in that guide. Is the fucking simple way to onboard nocoiners.

I just posted an update on week 3 of our progress https://stacker.news/items/87590

Also just loaded 1000 sats for you to test it out yourself https://lgt.st/DarthCoin


Wanted to give you a quick update on the project so far 🎉🎉 I was able to enroll in the BOLT🔩FUN Legends of Lightning ⚡️ Tournament and was able to assemble a team to work on the project 🙂

You can follow our weekly updates here

Would love to hear any feedback you have.