A curious crypto enthusiast
Welcome mate!
Stick around and you’ll be updating that bio to “Bitcoin enthusiast” in no time.
Here are some things I highly recommend taking a look at:
Trader University (YouTube channel) - https://youtube.com/c/TraderUniversity
Sure mate and thanks for the reply! Bitcoin is unbeatable, but i'm also interested in other projects just for fun and learn about the whole ecosystem (even if i have a maximalist mindset too). Thanks for the resources you provided, i will take a look!
Of course, I am by no means suggesting to intentionally blind yourself to what is happening in the rest of the space. In fact I think it is crucial to have an understanding of the space as a whole, so you’re definitely following the right path.
Good luck in your endeavours!
Welcome aboard!
"crapto enthusiast"... I see where is going.