LNtxBot is a wonderful tool if you are using Telegram. It is a bot that makes it easy to send BTC / satoshis through Telegram chats/groups. It is widely used to give tips (tips) to other members of a chat group or directly to another Telegram user. From here you can do even more interesting things, all within Telegram and some functionalities also outside of Telegram.

LNtxBot offers a specific LN wallet for your Telegram account, using the LNDHUB protocol. It is maintained by Fiatjaf, developer of this bot and many other cool stuff with LN.

But at any time you can withdraw your sats (satoshis) from there in any other LN wallet and even onchain. You can also connect this wallet-bot with your Bluewallet mobile app or Zeus LN mobile app and thus have more control, outside of Telegram whenever you want.

Full manual guide with table of content, easy to use in Telgram, here: English - https://telegra.ph/LNtxBot-Guide-01-24 Spanish - https://telegra.ph/LNtxBot---Como-usar-BTCLN-en-Telegram-06-29 English Substack version - https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/lntxbot-users-guide

As with any custodial wallet, ... don't use this for storing funds of any significant amount, where limited access (or worse) to those funds would ruin your day.

Good advice. This bot has gone down in the past and was hacked once.

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Fiatjaf is awesome, but even he, as the creator of this tool, wouldn't use a clickbait title like this to promote it (at least, it doesn't seem like what I usually read from him).

Cool tool, but there's only one rule for being "real Bitcoiner": Use Bitcoin.

You should also try @LNp2pBot to buy and sell sats via Telegram.

I hate services that requires you to sign up with a phone number. I did have a Telegram acc before but deleted it a while ago. Same problem with Signal as well.

Would love to see this ported to Matrix though!