Hiya all,

I have been working on this series for a while now. Let me introduce you to the greedy piggies:

If you have specific design ideas or wishes, just shoot me a message. Find all of my contact details here: artdesignbysf.com

This is an imageBill Gates This is an imageKlaus Schwab This is an imageJerome Powell This is an imageAugustín Carstens This is an imageChristine Lagarde This is an imageKlaas Knot This is an imageQueen Maxima of the Netherlands

Let me know your thoughts. Do you like the work?

Limited edition prints on aluminium are available. Contact me for info. Paper posters and stickers will become available via noderunners.network/en/webshop


Nice work! Might I suggest a timely SBF portrait? Maybe an American Gothic takeoff with Caroline?

You are in luck. Finished that one recently :) See original tweet here

Let me present to you, Scam Bankman-Fraud thisisanimage

Fantastic! I'm excited. Is it too much to ask for Caroline and SBF together as a parody of the American Gothic painting?

That is a great idea too. I'm a bit short on time. Might revisit the idea in the future though.

A Jamie Dimon would be money

Added to the list.

These should be full page ads in every mainstream financial rag.

I’d also suggest a portrait for Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China (for ruthless authoritarianism and for banning bitcoin 16 times).

Maybe Gary Gensler too.

Good idea.. Will add them to the list. Not sure if I will get around to them as paying jobs have priority over free time stuff like this.

So cool. You should rewrite a bitcoin version of Animal Farm with these as characters.

I would add mr Musk to this

This greedy pig wants wants you to buy dog coins instead of real money

Added to the list

Gotta do Zuckerberg. I wouldn't know who to do for Google (?)

Added to the list

nice artwork

but the message/reference is pretty cringe 🤡🤡

Its satire.. its allowed to be cringe.

You sir, are a true artist.

Thank you :) Midjourney helped a lot. Still lots of photoshop work afterwards but damn, these ai's are becoming amazing.

talk about a pig roast you sure cooked the bacon with this nice

Very beautiful

Your md isn't formatted correctly to show images.

Looks good on my end? What can I do better. Teach me sensei.

Hahaha Good ones

Genius. Well done.

These are very well done!

I love this.

I love it!. All these tiled together on a massive outdoor would be sweet as well.

Amazing artwork

Kristalina Georgieva IMF