This is kind of the elephant in the room. But i have to ask, and get a general understanding for where the community stands, because i am curious but also in a situation where my sats are going up more than down. Even tho i have raised the default tip. So quick question: Do you think its ethical to withdraw sats from Why, why not? Interested to hear your thoughts

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It's your money and you do with it whatever you want. What won't be ethical is someone judging you to do what you want with what it's yours.

That said... What we have here at the moment it's just a few bucks, probably has more value using these sats to support good content that buying a coffee.

Depends on the goal and that is quite personal so I dont want to impose my opinion on others

however, my goal is to help build a community to share ideas and grow together ...for that I believe whenever I see value (content) I share sats with the creator .... so I will never get sats off SN as its best to create a tiny circular economy

“etherical” 🤔 Would be the opposite of ethical I guess 😂

I think it means "ether-like"

Etherical adjective

1: of or relating to ethics, or lack thereof, in proof of stake systems

etherical premine

2: involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval in proof of stake systems

etherical censorship

3: conforming to accepted standards of conduct in proof of stake systems

etherical rugpull

Well done. You should submit it to the OED!

Because SN is a custodian and you shouldnt hold funds at a custodian.

I'd love to see an option for 0 balance and every time you post or upvote, it asks to pay an invoice. Auto withdraws of your balance could be a thing too for people that have an always online node or LNURL pay link.

"Not your keys, Not your coin" applies even to great custodian sites, like

Great option! Maybe set a limit of when 5000 sats is reached auto withdraw. You want to keep some sats on SN just for ease of posting and tipping.

You guys realize we're at 6000 sats/$1 USD right? Unless you're a from a developing country... maybe start upvoting more. For me the joy is in sending sats to others.

Sure, but from what I understand about how the daily distribution of sats works, it probably works in your favor to tip generously and reward the best content early and often! So it’s likely worse for you to withdraw 100%, for example.

When you get money, you put it in your pocket right? You should have enough on SN for impulse tipping, but once you start getting up high enough, to the wallet it goes.

Buying a beer with stacker news earned balance is one of my goals.

That’s the beautiful thing about bitcoin. It’s opt in and you do as you wish with your sats

You can think of this as a hotwallet, just maintain the sats you have not problem to loose.

The question disqualifies itself from the point of view of sovereignty. With your sats you can trade according to your wishes. That's bitcoin. Furthermore, you let the sats circulate, that's good.

If you need to send your sats somewhere else that's perfectly fine

I voted Yes. I think everyone should be free to do what they want to do.

Getting "free" SATS for posting or curating content is a good way or source in order to be able to give some SATS away as donations or tips thru Stacker News, Get Alby or Donate4fun.

P.S. How do you do a survey ??? ;)

Haha, press Post then More!