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как убрать тех кто даёт ссылку на твитер? не хочу это видеть...

Happy thanksgiving!!


Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing

@k00b - I'm curious what your take is, on what regulators might say/do about KYC for Stacker.News?

I don't have much of an opinion on what regulators think. It seems to me they think whatever they want.

If we are for some reason forced to KYC custodial users, providing full non-custodial options will immediately be worked on. If for some reason, non-custodial SN is forced to KYC, we'll immediately begin working on decentralizing SN.

Thanks. Makes sense.

It's snowing out here - for the first time in a while I'm this close to nature during the winter time - I'm really happy I decided to build a cabin 🙂 Also I finally took an ice bath yesterday after few weeks break 😉

Have a good one!

let it snow

Happy Thanksgiving from New York! May you successfully duck questions about the crash from relatives during dinner.

Good day SN community! Tell me something good 😊

Bitcoin is having a black friday sale going on right now!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it. I'm thankful you're here!

Let's smash the day.

Just headed for work, finishing up my covfefe cause caffeine is needed at 6 am, but all is good. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Happy SATgiving!!!