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I really like this! However, I think this would be even better if you set this up as a semi-custodial wallet where the BTC (other than the amount you need for collateral) is non-custodial and the USD is custodial.

Not sure how this is implemented technically but I'd love to have something that could be deployed to something like a Cloudflare Worker or some other serverless style deploy target.

Would love to see this kind of stablecoin as part of fedimint federations! I'm sure there are a billion technical problems to work through but it would be neat.

Killer combo IMO.

Should work with any derivatives market? Just looks like they picked OKX to build their PoC on.

What do you mean by "freedom loving"? Switzerland seems pretty big on freedom and they have a great public transit network.

I think I mostly agree. You can start with banning cars in the very center of a city and at the same time build out a proper subway system. As time goes by you keep increasing this city center as well as keep building out the subway system.

This so much. Cars are a nuisance and should be banned in city centres IMO. I'd much rather have good public transportation and lots of greenery.

To me it makes sense to disincentives car ownership in cities. Cities that aren't built around cars are soooo soooo much nicer to live in.

I don't think you should be punished for living far away from a city though, and in those cases you do oftentimes need a car.

Tech Dystopia at its finest.

No thanks.

Seems to be working well now :)

Anyone else having trouble downloading the installer? Specifically for the Apple Silicon platform.

Really not liking the 0.5 evolution :(

If you look closely at the token you'll see it's a joke :)

Yeah I couldn’t make it to the devcall but just saw the slides! Very exciting!


Can the MercuryWallet.com seize my coins?

In the Mercury protocol, the Mercury server securely deletes expired private key shares (via Intel SGX based HSM) while it never has custody or control over deposits and cannot be compelled to confiscate or freeze funds. If the Mercury server disappears or is uncontactable then the owner will have to wait until the lock-time of their backup transaction to regain full control of the coin.


I like that. Sometimes you end up in situations where two threads grow big and talk about the same thing. I'm not sure how often it would happen, though 🤔

One might not like Nexo, but honestly this just seems like FUD.