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Definitely have lost some weight. I'm also doing intermittent fasting. It's odd. I feel like I've grown some muscle (most noticeable in the quads), but I haven't been lifting weights or putting serious stress on my muscles. Just walking around a few times a week like I normally do. The main source of carbs and sugar from my diet nowadays is from a bit of Lakewood brand cranberry juice. Also, twice a month, I'll have some salmon sashimi with a little rice, soy sauce and wasabi to get some fish in my diet. Mostly carnivore, but not 100%.
I could probably consume bone broth, but eating liver is immediately gag inducing. I find it so tough to eat no matter how much I season it. I started a mostly carnivore/low carb diet about two weeks ago.
Yes. Female family members regard "crypto" (it's all the same to them) as a scam that has fizzled out. I don't attempt to orange pill anyone IRL anymore. I'm just going to stack some sats for some family members, and that'll be that.
Shitcoiners looking for yield and rugging opportunities.
No, because I think all of the ATMs in my city are KYC.
Protos is bitcoin/crypto news from, like, NYTimes or WaPo writers. The writers are skeptics of both bitcoin and crypto, but they're a bit more knowledgeable about the subjects than your Ben McKenzie's of the world.
Corporate profits, increased salaries, climate change, and Beyonce are to blame for inflation.
  • I placed an order late April, and my ASICs went live early this month. Other expenses: a one-time setup fee of $2,208 for a 24 month contract, and once the ASICs go live, I have to pay $552 per month for my electricity/hosting fee. The fee will vary on the model(s) of your ASICs. I'd be paying less if the machines I purchased were S9"s as opposed to S19 XP"s.
  • Have not faced any operational issues yet.
  • I don't think Kaboomracks has their own mining pool. They don't take any of the BTC I've mined I mine to Braiins pool.
Recently started mining with Kaboomracks. Their support for complete and total newbs (like me) leaves a lot to be desired, but this issue has been counteracted for me on the fact that I haven't given them any personally identifying information. Used s fake name, fake address, and Protonmail email address.They didn't ask for any ID copies/selfies. I don't know of any other hosting company that essentially does KYC-free ASIC miner hosting.
Anyone know the source of this video? Is this an address he gave on his Twitter account or was this an interview with someone?
"Number go up" is what brings most people (especially in the west) to bitcoin. It's what initially brought me to bitcoin. It's been said by some people that it takes a couple of touches to gain a greater understanding of the "what" and "why" of bitcoin. Frankly, it's taken me a year, and I still have much to learn. I haven't even set up my own lightning node yet.
I'm an alien, so I can't be used as a proxy for other women, but survival and the remote possibility of seeing future prosperity and home ownership is why I'm a bitcoiner. Money go up technology is what got my attention, and freedom go up technology is why I stayed.