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StableSats or StableCoin does help with adoption, without them its difficult for no-coiner merchant to accept BTC (volatility) but with stablesat/stablecoin it will help (short/mid term) but eventually they will die

great comment, I'm ignorant on Wallet biz but what are the Operational cost of it?

didnt notice that, thanks for notification... is there a possibility for me to delete this?

Expected and probably good for its long term view

LOL ... nice one

I read it 3 times (i remember re-reading chapter 3 & 4 over and over)

Yes didnt expect a MSM to cover it positively and in such detail

(apologies for not answer the question)

I encourage Bitcoiners with LN wallets to do this instead:

  • put your sats to use by buying from Bitcoin merchants/businesses (contribute to circular economy)
  • Educate nocoiners & part of the process is to have them download an LN wallet and you send sats to them

Custodian: think of your Fiat in a bank, you think its yours while the reality its owned by the bank but they give you a "promise" to give it back to you

Non-Cust.: you truly own it (not a promise)

for more details,

Scroll down to "Table 2. Examples of popular Lightning wallets"


"sometimes, the best way to win an argument is to AVOID it" Dale Carnegie

Look at the facts (not opinions), where is BSV and where is BTC now? the market decided which one is better

you said it at the end "I got myself confused" ... so read the first 3 chapters of mastering lightning and you will have a much better understanding

its a chart someone created but it doesnt make it a reality nor a fact .... for example I came across Bitcoin and never through ALTs :)

last statment is 100% correct .... to understand Bitcoin, the smoothest and most difficult path is to understand the history of money then Bitcoin (at least +100 hours which few are willing to allocate time for)

OF course they dont .... I heard about it in 2013 and did a research (wikipedia) and understood NOTHING ... then a few years later the same experience ... then a few years later, Im like "I need to understand WTF this is" only then I went into the rabbit hole (which was very challenging)

So of course ppl dont get it

I admire your enthusiasm but the reality is that most of the world doesnt see things the way we do (therefore its our duty to educate and let them decide) :)

depends on the case really but in your case (someone deosnt need it/ has tainted view):

That person need a few or many (touch points)... same story many of us have had!

I would NOT explain benefits or orange-pill my company, but rather I would "sell" the idea the company can make more money (fiat) but tapping into a new market via Bitcoin which can be converted to FIAT

We have seen a dramatic drop in miner fees, considering that along with a decrease in block subsidy drops (lets say 10 years) ... what type of discussions that are taking place to resolve this assuming transaction fees wont secure the network?

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"

V4V....1000 Sats I received from SN community goes to you

I dont know, i cant even guess 2 letters :)

Introduction: Exchanges make a lot of fiat on shitcoins and they are not incentivised at this stage for LN nodes as it cost them a lot more than they can earn (maintenance/management), they do it for to have more BTC LN users and but mainly LN potential long term

Exchanges can make money by building infrastructure, here is an example of the 3rd largest (river) https://twitter.com/muteness11/status/1587782925709619202

so its perfectly reasonable for exchanges to grow capacity in line with LN adoption , but I think specialised infrastructure companies and specialised Node Runners will be victorious

I cant think of a risk especially having arbitrageurs in the space and game-theoretic incentive for all participants