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But that's only a lightning node. I meant a full fat bitcoin node :).

Yeah, I'm leaning towards nosterrr too. But I'm not a native english speaker, so I dunno...

Just downloaded and noticed that the file is signed by some Alejandro Garcia instead of the usual Christoph Atteneder. Is this ok?

Taro: "bitcoin is cool, but imagine how much cooler it would be if you could have fiat on it"

I didn't consider P2P alternatives because I'm located in Brazil, and as such would buy BTC using local currency for which the liquidity is very poor in all P2P platforms. Besides, if I understand correctly, I don't really have a way to not reveal my identity (banking info) to the seller of the bitcoins on those platforms. But don't worry, I never leave btc on exchanges. ;)

Destroy the dollar? Doubt it.

If instead he decides to buy BTC at these prices he will undoubtedly have a better deal.

Perhaps that was the plan all along?

Remember, remember your seed words :)

Raspberry Pis are just not powerful enough to process a large number of transactions, especially when you use implementation like Umbel that can add many more applications.

Interesting. Is there any similar tech for LN?

Going to give it a look when I have the time this weekend. People should definitely prioritize running nodes on x86 over raspberry pi.

Did you hodl it though?

This is really creepy. It's like the Chinese gov't read Balaji's Network State and decided it would implement the authoritarian version of that.

I'm on the October 31 camp. If anything it makes it the same date as when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis that would culminate with the separation of Church and State, just as bitcoin will, hopefully, culminate with the separation of money and State.

You make a good point about bitcoin not being about technology. This reminds me of a video of a lecture from an MIT computer science professor who was very anti bitcoin and blockchain in general. Twenty minutes into the presentation he makes this point about how bitcoin is oh so inefficient because there are thousands of copies of the entire blockchain around the world. It dawn on me then that most tech people are so worried about optimizing things in a narrow sense that they completely ignore threats from "outside" of the tech sphere, like politics.

I've noticed that I'm getting more young female asian followers then usual. So I don't think they've fixed anything related to bots yet.

Maybe the day will come when Stacker News defaults to msats instead of sats because of exponential price action. :)

Expectation: Twitter will integrate lightning payments.

Reality: Twitter will integrate shitcoins and NFTs.