7,952 sats stacked
stacking since: #41930longest cowboy streak: none
Now they move to Twitter only to be rug pulled few months later by Musk, maybe instead of sponsoring every podcasts, they should focus more on building actual censorship resistance products
How do you stay in deep works while working on computers, or most of the deep thinking happening during your walks?
Thanks man, that's what I'm looking for. Lightning privacy is better than on-chain
It's a little bit sad that we never have enough btc :))
What it feels like to be a whole coiner?
Whenever I see a token and staking in a project, I assume it is a scam 🚩
Use a laptop, the battery is important when power is out. I used to sync whole blockchain again when power was cut during the process
Not a single mention of donation to democrats, client funds going to buy political favors
Hello to all the plebs out there, "stay humble and stack sats"
I think that miners take time to build infrastructure, what we see now was built few months ago
I find that the Telegram notification not working in the new update
Intermittent fasting is good for longevity
Anyone know how to update on Umbrel, my channels are all offline