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It's not a matter of "if", but "when" you lose access to your funds on Wallet Of Satoshi. In any case, you need to be prepared. Otherwise, you will lose your funds.
Two transactions meet in the mempool.
One says to the other: "I hope we get into the same block!"
To which the other replies: "Yeah.. right.. erm.. I hope for a chain split."
Don't know if it is possible retroactively, but I'd doubt that. Awesome if you'd make it a habit from now on, but like I said, you are not obliged to. Also, you clearly deserve some sats yourself for sharing it here.
Would be nice if those sats are forwarded directly to @gigi (You can find this setting in "options", in case you are not aware of it) . I'd really appreciate that massively, and I think he would too.
Biden already said he will make the culprits pay. Which basically means, if I understood correctly, Yellen will go to prison.. right?
Great! Pruned node next, just to extend your collection? :-)
Why hasn't it worked so far? What exactly are the stumbling blocks?
Sorry, my dark lord. I should have been more precise with my words in the text of the post.
John Vallis!
He is by far one of the people who has best internalized the scope of what is to come. I have never heard anyone else approach this with such calm and sober analysis as he does. Always respectful, often with strong opinions, but never belittling or condescending.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, John.
you can have the sats. i will try to be more bitcoiny next monday.
may i ask: what is a bitcoin meme?
This does not use a "random sever". Unless I am missing something?
  • Maximum Fees can be set on the "Settings" page -> "Adjust fee limits". Looking at the current orderbook, you can actually send a collaborative transaction without paying maker fees, as some offer their liquidity fro free. But of course, you'll always pay the miner fees (which is higher than for non-privacy enhanced transactions, as you have multiple inputs/outputs).
  • See https://github.com/JoinMarket-Org/joinmarket-clientserver/blob/master/docs/fidelity-bonds.md#what-amount-of-bitcoins-to-lock-up-and-for-how-long
  • Switch from being a maker to being a taker sometimes
  • Jam still seems to be in beta phase, devs generally like feedback - so if you want to help the community: Report bugs, ask questions, improve the documentation, add feature requests, etc.