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It was a different link that was deleted but anyway. Agree, there's a similar piece that you're describing here - https://protos.com/binance-cz-crypto-career-timeline/ - note it's from March 2022. Certainly worth revisiting though!
It's only posted once as far as I can see. You're welcome to visit https://protos.com/?s=binance for more in-depth pieces on Binance.
Following the rug-pull, on-chain sleuths were quick to point out that the contract that deployed the BALD token may have been related to Alameda Research wallets in the past.
HN has been slowly but surely degrading so not surprised
Maybe you spend 2 minutes to read the piece, dude, you'd see that both sides of the argument are addressed.
It's new compared to earlier ones that have already been solved