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That’s in reference to Bitcoin and not Strike.

Set Max HTLC to 1. @zerofeerouting does this with a script whenever there’s not much inbound liquidity to your node on a channel with him.

I don’t take out loans. I mine fiat and live a simple life. I’ll prob go with Unchained Capital for a loan if I ever need extra cash for a large purchase.

Paying a Strike request from your Bitcoin wallet is a taxable event. You’re selling your bitcoin when you do this.

Also, there is a small spread.

Seems like people are confusing all the hackathon projects that we're building. These apps (Reacher, PlebPay, dono.at, etc.) are not official Strike apps. We have an ongoing internal hackathon going on. Purpose is to build things with the Strike API to find bugs, improve documentation, request features, and put ideas out into the world before we open up the API to everyone. The projects are open source so that people can take the idea and modify it however they want.

Also, someone at Strike just made a bitcoin invoicing app as a hackathon project using the new Strike API. http://paymeinb.tc/

Code is open source, so anyone can fork it and customize it for their own business. https://github.com/verbiricha/invoices

You can run the app on your own machine easily following the instructions in the repo https://github.com/SamSamskies/lnurlpay

I think BOLT12 fixes this, but I doubt that's coming any time soon.

It could be done if I setup a proxy like this which I've previously used to work with LNbits. I'd have to host the proxy separately and it wouldn't be free, so I'd prefer not to do that. Currently, I'm on the free tier on Vercel.

You need a backend to fetch the service params and to create the invoice because of CORS.

The links are also shareable, so you can create a fixed amount or variable amount tipping page using any LNURL or Lightning Address.

Example of a fixed tipping page. Fresh BOLT11 invoice for 69 sats generated on page load. https://www.lnurlpay.com/corndalorian@ln.tips/69

Example of variable amount tipping page https://www.lnurlpay.com/corndalorian@ln.tips

I've never done it before, but I'd probably go with BTCPay Server on Voltage if I wanted to create a store. https://voltage.cloud/btcpay

Yep I use Stacker News a lot on mobile. I saved it to my home screen so it's like a native app.

I made PlebPay with Jack and a designer at Strike for an ongoing internal hackathon we're having at Strike. The purpose of the hackathon is to build stuff with the Strike API. Dogfooding and open sourcing all our projects so people have examples of how to use the API.

I've never worked with webln before. I took a look at the docs, but it's not clear to me how I could get it to work with Strike as a provider. Also, most of the traffic to PlebPay has been on mobile so far. I think about 80% of the traffic has been on mobile devices.

You can pay with any ⚡️ wallet. The invoices are BOLT11 invoices. All proceeds can go directly to any Strike user that you want. For example, if you want to make a paywall and have all proceeds donated to the Human Rights Foundation, you can just go straight here and do that https://www.plebpay.com/create/hrf. If you don't want it, don't use it.

Good advice. This bot has gone down in the past and was hacked once.