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This doesn't work in African regions, bitcoin lighting it's new here in Africa.... I wish to give this a trial
I have been using the app for a while I have earn nothing
It's project @sn Preturnio has also cross referenced all transactions against a published list of all known English words (more languages coming soon) so you can browse individual words stored somewhere on the blockchain. This is actually a lot of fun! S
The life of a Bitcoiner can be seen differently, Bitcoin can transform any being
Stablecoin conversions will also depend on markets for the stable coin if there are swap lines available, and who wants to deal with that?
Another layer of complexity is that stablecoins are blockchain agnostic; you can find USDT (Tether) on more than five different blockchains. Now depending on the chain, I prefer, this may cause conflict. Yes, we both have USDT, but the chains don’t talk to one another, and again, one party will need to pay the cost of swapping to another chain.
These cross-chain swaps can add unnecessary cost and friction when conducting transactions.
Am not a fan of shitcoin but I on cryptocurrency and bitcoin.... Fanatic
A whale with 1,128 $BTC($31.6M) that has been dormant for 10 years transferred 279 $BTC($7.8M) to 3 new addresses just now. The whale received 1,128 $BTC in October 2012 and May 2013, when prices were $12 and $195.https://t.co/2MxnVzcEMl pic.twitter.com/2GM7Oq4e2P — Lookonchain (@lookonchain) April 21, 2023
I will love to do remote or freelance job to earn sats
Bitcoin lighting Email address created by saylor still make it more offered
African's has really opening up for Bitcoiners community, Zambia is rapidly growing towards it
The hiked rate of USD on the Argentina government is a high new crisis, Argentina are facing currently