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I agree on this with you Buildig zap-only or zap-first clients will increase the zaps and the adoption of the v4v model
This title is a really good company name imo!
Wonderfull article @davidw! I will take this with my when building stuff among the consultancy stuff I do. I guess the same applies to you? πŸ™
ASML has a global key role in chip manufacturing. They make outstanding machines where you can create chips with. I've friends working there.
Why is this not just another SaaS?
I think relays should be thought as ephemeral entities. Every client should store the data locally first. After storing the data locally, it should blast it to a bunch of relays that happen to be active at that particular moment, and other clients will receive these events from those relays.
Sounds like POSSE https://indieweb.org/POSSE
I think Proton is quite a good way to reduce your surveillance-state footprint.
I started using it two years ago. I'm only using email for now and setting up their drive / storage service is on my backlog. My goal is to use it as an extra offsite backup storage location. I'm also running two Nextcloud instances on my own machines.
Coracle is fixed, thanks to @hodlbod πŸ™ƒ
It is also surprising to me how less webdevelopers know all the webapp features and all the specs from w3c
This decision makes it easier to me to say goodbye to my daily Apple devices, it will take some effort and time but my de-Apple journey continues