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Thanks for reading, yep running a bitcoin full node is super easy - as it should be! :)

I was able to send her more sats, so the widget it working - it must be that the lightning wallet you are sending from has no route to the destination node.

cool! subscribed, donated and followed, keep up the great work!

that is so awesome to hear!! what is your blog? I will check it out :)

Awesome, let me know how it goes! :)

I'm going to try to do 1 blog post a month so stay tuned.. šŸ˜ƒ

I don't personally, but a simple search and I bet you will finds tons of videos on it!

There are actually many jobs that do not require a degree to be qualified, especially in the bitcoin space. A good resource is bitcoinerjobs.com.

I cover ways to make yourself stand out in the guide, like contributing to open source projects for example.

That is a cool idea! There are parts of this guide that should help with that as well.

I guess it depends on what you are trying to build, but there are lots of APIs out there to help integrate lightning into your applications.

https://lightningdevkit.org/ might be a good place to start.

thanks for merging those, I plan on contributing more when I have some spare time. :)

Thanks for checking out my website! Yep, bitcoin opens the doors to so many amazing learning opportunities. :) So glad I get to code on bitcoin projects full-time now!