78,130 sats stacked
stacking since: #28777longest cowboy streak: 16
The halving returns every 4 years are pretty safe and profitable 🤙🏽
1% in NZ
no interest homeschooling at all - fuck that for torture 😂
Got a young family now and moved from my home town so never see my school friends…
I’ve quit my football team to focus on IRL bitcoin meetups this year tho 💀
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”
thank you for sharing🫂
just do your best (to get thru it) and talk to therapists if u need - life is fucking hard!💜
house, retirement fund, bitcoin
no idea.
I think Jack says “no delete” so nostr devs do what Jack says lol
my 6 and 8 year old trade toys and Pokémon cards.
bitcoin is just another money.
I asked my 8 year old: “do you want want 1 x $1 NZD or 69,000 x $1 NZD ? (1 BTC)
kids understand medium of exchange, all kids born after 2009 have the chance to understand bitcoin better than adults who use cash📠
paying mortgage - prefer to control where our young kids go to school and not be at mercy of landlord moving you on anytime.
moving sucks 😂
₿ 69420 = “69420 sats”🤙🏽
Decimals suck📠
the bitcoin twitter maxi that annoy you.. are a tiny number of the 40M+ bitcoiners around the world.
there are lots of good community projects like Bitcoin Ekasi in 🇿🇦
bitcoin is a tool.
if u think it’s a cult, that’s on you lol