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The only real way is to meet people in real life. It's amazing the diversity of understanding. It is so easy to assume what I see on the internet is what everyone else sees, but they don't! And people who you'd think thought the same as you on everything because you have something is common usually don't. It's great. IMO, church is the easiest place to meet people from all walks of life in a voluntary setting.
i’m very risk averse. i split all my investing and retirement income i to dividend king/aristocrat stocks and bitcoin. it will either pay off big time or i will have a modest return over a long time. But, i’m good with either.
How many bitcoin core developers are there? I am involved in a few widely used C/C++ projects and there are usually only 2-3 actual core developers who truly competent. always presents a risk to the projects because the incentives are not there for anyone else to really dig in and contribute. But glad to see this initiative for bitcoin.
I started the year with Jane Austen: Mansfield Park, Northhanger Abbey, and Sense and Sensibility. All so good. Made me realize why she is so revered.
Listened to American Prometheus (the Oppenheimer book) because the movie is coming out and I wanted to feel smarter than everyone else. Really long, but he is an fascinating person that I knew nothing about.
At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O-Brien that I bought while visiting Ireland earlier this year. A surrealist novel by a contemporary of James Joyce. Fun, funky, boozy novel.
32 Christians Who Changes Their World by Glenn Sunshine. Really interesting look at lesser known Christian figures who made huge impact. Very broad minded with no chronological snobbery. Includes christian kings and shows that they did some great things for their people and the world.
Professional React Native. For work projects. I get why React Native gets hate if you hate Javascript, but it is incredible that you can build full featured native apps with React. Also, I usually am doing backend telecom/voip stuff, so doing frontend is fun for me.
Still working my way through Designing Data-Intensive Application. Really well written and explains things so so well.
I heard Daily Wire got the rights to make an Atlas Shrugged series. That would be cool if they do it well.
(the pope has secretly entered the thread) JK JK. I haven't read Commentary on Galations, but I read Bondage of the Will in high school and it had a affected me a lot. Can't remember too much but I know it really got the gears turning inside.
not a bitcoin related essay, but I had to choose a sub. Interesting idea that maybe chatGPT is already getting poisoned with “SEO” trash.
yeah, I am appreciating golf the more I play. You get a genuinely long amount of time doing something hard and fun, but still getting to talk.
Somehow this showed up on my RSS feed. Not sure when I started following this guy. Posted to see if anyone had any thoughts. But, yeah, bitcoin has enough work on its own.
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lots of great labels started as insults. they are a testament to the human spirit! Thick skin wins the day every time.
Like build a habit app that integrates with nostr? That sounds cool. But, I can’t quite picture how it would work. I need to learn nostr better.
Keep at it! I hope things turn improve for you soon.