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In my end, the webpage stopped working 2 days ago, can you still do anything there?
Quantum computing, but before it could destroy the whole internet
yes, that was I read in the past, however I think they change it...
yep, you are right however I think BINANCE is the next to be under the regulator's radar
Actually, ETH is not the number 1 shitcoin, it is the MOTHER OF ALL SHITCOINS ;-)
One coin which name starts by BIT and ends by COIN
Seems like a very interesting film, When will it be released in theaters?
at some point we will use 1 dollar banknotes instead (LoL)
Still we cannot compare SN with Twitter, we are smaller...
Thanks! One more thing… why you think umbrel is not convenient?
The most interesting thing is that KYC will not be required, apparently
Sorry, but I put "crypto" on purpose. We are also not going to deny that it is obvious that many people enter BITCOIN and begin to understand its importance after having known the sins of shitcoining don't you think so?
hahhaah! I was expecting this reply, let me tell you I agree with you as well but newcomers not always have ideas so clear. Obviously, I would first try to explain what is money and what Bitcoin means for the society... then, I will explain my opinion about shitcoins :-)
I see BTC mainly as a tool to break our own slavery with the current economic system, I see it a bit as the hope that a better world is possible
KYC options is a MUST question, personally, I don't recommend any exchange with it