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When you want to get paid in Lightning and share an invoice it contain details like your node pubkey and optionally some route hints to let the payer easily construct a payment route from their node to yours. Note that everyone that knows your node pubkey can check its address and public capacity, but they won't be able to know channel balances.

With route blinding it'll be possible to "blind" details such as your node pubkey and the last few hops of the payment, allowing you to construct invoices that hide your node details whilst being able to receive payments. Great for receiver privacy.

This will greatly improve receiver privacy in Lightning which I'm looking forward to.

Welcome and thanks for the service you provide to the Lightning network ⚡

Support scanning seed QRs to import seed words and xpubs and to sign PSBTs with immediate clearing of the seed

My favourite part of the update, kudos to Sparrow devs for making the best desktop wallet.

I would add the Segwit versions: P2WPKH and P2WSH, which can also be wrapped in P2SH scripts.

The P2TR format introduced by Taproot allows combining a PK spending path with a script spending path in the same output. When spending from the PK a valid signature must be provided. For script spending path you need to reveal the branch of the script (and a Merkle proof that you committed to this script) you want to execute instead of the full script.

I work on the computer so I usually have it open all day and check from time to time for new stories. When I'm not at home I might browse the https://t.me/stackernewslive Telegram feed to see if there's some interesting article.

Don't post links very often and if I do is usually technical articles about Bitcoin / Lightning, I probably should be commenting more though!

I think I'm addicted to SN but mostly a lurker lol

Alby is super cool, welcome to SN!

Love the site UI/UX, illustrations and the fact that the shop is Bitcoin only. Got myself one of those Zero Trust prints ⚡

That's bad... They have a Telegram group, perhaps you can reach out for support there.

The trick with split-bills type of apps is that the usefulness isn't actually in splitting a bill, but instead the main value is in creating a long term ledger that can tell our group who needs to pay the bill today ;)

I think both things are useful, this one for one-time payments and the case you mention for tracking expenses in a group that are spending together frequently.

Is there a way to incorporate that in your solution?

Could be extended to have a split where multiple participants can track their expenses but is not implemented at the moment.

Very cool, thanks for sharing. It seems it doesn't recognize stacker news Lightning addresses unfortunately.

Welcome Carsten and thank you for your contributions to Bitcoin/Lightning!

Welcome and hope you and your loved ones are safe.

BIP 119 is on Standards Track at the moment and includes a small patch with the OP_CTV implementation. The proposal has gathered lots of support so I'd expect it to be released during this epoch. There are a few options as to how to deploy it.

Exactly, work on Bitcoin for bitcoin. The Bitcoiner jobs board linked in this site is how I got my current Bitcoin job, and https://www.lightningjobs.app/ has lots of interesting jobs as well.

Curious to hear people's thoughts on OP_CTV, currently listening to the episode on the Stephan Livera podcast and trying to understand the rationale behind it.

Yes, sorry for spamming with Lightning content 😜 The talks of this week's material cover how all the layers of Lightning work together and I'm finding them very informative.

Are you doing the Lightning seminar? Would be cool to chat again!