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Nostream looks really good, well written and well maintained howerver it is a typescript project (javascript) what means it cannot use all the cpu cores to process messages.
Scaling by balancing load is somehow the standard way to go but at the extreme it is more expensive to scale i think.
I would like to write a relay but there are only a handful of language that seems to fit well.
A zig relay would be a nice project to start, at least to lern the language.
Why is it up to men to reach women? Do they have any impediment?
It looks promising. Yes.
Gets block headers in a loop, that's all. It doesn't look like an attack to me.
BIP 78 was designed with merchants in mind who have an always up http server. That means that no matter how many wallets implement the bip, the number of merchants is what limits the adoption.
AFAIK wasabi hires the service of a chain analysis company because they want to know how much risk they could face by mixing a coin. In that case the CA gives them info (some "gambling/porn/russian" thing) meaning that they don't give CA any info that it doesn't already have. No collaboration here.
However, wasabi has to pay for that unethical service what helps the CA company to survive.
It's clearly a case of cowardly, a decision taken not by force but for fear to be linked with high profile crimes. However, it is much easier to be brave when not skin in the game.
Wasabi mixes hundreds/thousands of bitcoins daily what means the hate is not real.