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Sooo .... the @sn account is posting like normal content post posts now?

we need to stop with hero worship in our communities

I agree with that. Bitcoin does not need a Demigod standing on a rock in the ocean when a storm hits and there are dramatic lightning flashes behind him. Shitcoins do that.

Bitcoin dis not need Satoshi. Bitcoin does not need Elon. Bitcoin doesn't need Michael Saylor. Bitcoin does not need Nayib Bukele. Bitcoin needs nobody but the grassroots community.

Not really but it sure is a lot less impressive if adjusted for inflation: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/GDPC1/

Funny that they never mention how much of the internet relies on how few ISPs when they talk about other critical infrastructure

...such as the electrical grids, tap water and sewer plants, parts of the military, VoIP for the police, the whole traditional banking industry.....

MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 480 bitcoins for ~$10.0 million at an average price of ~$20,817 per #bitcoin. As of 6/28/22 @MicroStrategy holds ~129,699 bitcoins acquired for ~$3.98 billion at an average price of ~$30,664 per bitcoin. $MSTR


I feel so bad for the people there. It's always the people that deserve it the least that suffer the most :(

Financial incentivation is like a magic spell. Bitcoin fixes this.

The headline is

Indonesia Will Use Covid Tracking App to Sell Cheap Cooking Oil

How tf did you get to your headline? Maybe go out and touch some grass

What are other fields that can be disrupted by the incentivation made possible with Lightning? What are other fields Fountain can grow into and innovate?

I like the idea of the Bitcoin Speakeasy.

I am honestly convinced that the way to go is grassroots, bottom-up and underground.

That's how I would use the words lower / muddle / upper class as well

Survive? Yes. Without catastrophic economic hardship? No.

Well, mentioning Bitcoin in its own name means piggybacking on another branding. It's kind of like all IPOs in '99 mentioning "dot com" in their name - their own products were dogshit so they piggybacked on the internet as a technology.

One way channels were one of the thought experiments before the introduction of Lightning.

One can achieve this with manually exchanging pgp messages and onchain transactions. There is no implementation that I know of and it isn't part of the Lightning protocol afaik.

So yeah, normal Lightning is probably the better way to go - but this doesn't solve your question perfectly

i think SN is build about the idea of incentivation and competition. The best content wins out. What people don't want won't win out.

Cali šŸ‘ needs šŸ‘ large šŸ‘ scale šŸ‘ seawater šŸ‘ desalination šŸ‘

(using exsisting resources more efficiently is also important tho)