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I am a bitcoin maxi. If you say you aren't but you are orangepilled, I don't know what you are. Christians embraced a slur and consider it an honor to be called a christian. Embrace what you are, don't internalize shame from the deceived

Is there any way to defend against it and still have a telephone number on your phone?

Its the first time I heard her say anything true

This is the root of all shitcoinery. "Trade your bitcoin for my hopecoin. Now put your hopecoin in one hand, and my shit in the other, which weighs more? Neither, I just took your bitcoin... dumbass."

Great idea! I almost got my brother in-law to pay me with strike but he made several weak attempts and said something about his bank not allowing it because of some kind of fraud prevention setting he wasn't willing to change. Maybe I can get these fiatards to use cashapp next time.

If not Phoenix, Breeze and Blixt, why not use a hosted lightning node like https://voltage.cloud and connect to/manage it with your mobile wallet? This should be sufficient for spending money while remaining sovereign and independent of a proprietary service. The majority of your coin should be in an offline wallet anyway.

He tried to mock bitcoin with his woke agenda and bitcoiners embraced it and made it their own

Anything under 0.5% is a steal. You could try robosats if they turned swaps back on and set your desired price. Keep in mind that closing channels with liquidity on your side (outbound) has the same effect as swap-out so far as getting it off of a lightning channel but at the expense of the network effect. Likewise, opening a channel has a similar effect as swap-in. Another approach could be to use strike but it will cost you around 1% assuming you're able to ln send and onchain buy before the price moves too much in the wrong direction.

The US basically has no taxation, its almost completely funded by inflation

Said in reverse; if you could fix one of the three problems, which would benefit the economy the most?

He must have realized it was broken, its working now

lnurl is broken, can't login with bluewallet or alby

Most businesses are oriented around cash flow. They do not have reserves inside the company. Most companies are run at zero profit, the officers all drain the cash to zero and only leave a small portion as a buffer. Credit is used to cover low cash balances for payroll or purchasing materials for an order. To hold a monetary asset inside the company that isn't part of operations or cost of goods sold for a year would look crazy to a business owner. As soon as businesses start to pay for their expenses with bitcoin, or need to do foreign exchange without dollars, then they will begin accepting bitcoin in exchange for their products. The problem is that we as consumers are asking companies at the end of the supply chain to accept bitcoin, when its businesses closer to the raw materials that we should focus on orangepilling, then the rest of the economy will follow suit.

When will @DarthCoin join nostr? Its a little too velvet gloved over there, it needs a healthy dose of intolerance