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what's the best strain of weed you've ever grown?
have you ever bred your own cannabis, and if so, how do you pick which males and females to use?
I haven't done any on-chain transactions, what is that even? I only transact bitcoin on layers 3-5 (etfs and derivatives?)
They would go bankrupt and there would be a trial and stuff, would go down in the history books
If it is life or death and I need to make a transaction, I will send the bitcoin and pay the high fee.
Otherwise wait.
So make it $10 or $20. Both still cheap, people are out here buying games for $60+. But the thing that happens when someone spends money on something, generally, they pay more attention to it, do more research on what to do with it, how it works, etc.
I guess I'm saying air dropping bitcoin works but has pros/cons but also promoting buying bitcoin can work, has its pros/cons.
Bought some coffee in Lima. Liberta cafe in Miraflores
Cashier didn't know how it worked, acted confused and didn't accept lightning. Confirmed after 30mins while chilling and sipping.
What about say, $5? Isn't that what people used to say in like 2011 - "Just buy $5 of bitcoin" which is worth like $2000 today or something.
If they are afraid of spending $5 on bitcoin, are they as fearful spending $5 on a cup of coffee? A pack of pencils from the store? It's just $5..
Do you think being a Bitcoiner is being pro-peace and wanting the world to become a more peaceful place? Or do you think that you can be a Bitcoin-maxi that is ambivalent to war, even pro-war?
I agree with the general sentiment, but in order to buy bitcoin, someone needs to sell it to you. I'm thankful for those that give up some of their stack.
We should be grateful that people are willing to sell bitcoin, as it would be very difficult to use bitcoin without buying/ earning it.
There are sites where you can earn bitcoin, whether it be via games or gambling or spinning a wheel. All of these pay very little.
I think it's better currently for noobs to earn fiat from a job and buy bitcoin at spot.
Rereading it, I can see how it seems like a joke, but no, it's not a joke. I still don't see butter, meat, and cheese as "healthy" - unless I misunderstood something? Did you mean "splurging" as in, these are your unhealthy "cheat" foods? If so, then yeah I misunderstood.
"Strong correlation between healthy eating and low time preference thinking"
"I personally ... splurge more on... butter, meat, cheese..."
Clearly you have a high time preference if you are splurging on butter, meat, and cheese. Those are not very healthy for you.
I went vegan after getting into Bitcoin.
Hi thanks for doing this AMA.
What are your plans for making the future of the internet a more decentralized and open place for all? Immediate vs long term goals?
Can we get a spooky orange-and-black themed SN around Halloween? I like this themed sn with the fireworks
I'm confused, are you asking how to send NZD from a foreign country ---> New Zealand?
Not sure, but can't you do this with paypal or cashapp some other centralized money transfer app? And if not that, a bank account / western union?
Obviously Bitcoin would be easiest here. What do they need to use the money for? Maybe can be bought with the Fold card / bitrefill or some other Bitcoin to credit card/ gift card? That is, if no one is buying bitcoin P2P in New Zealand (which I find hard to believe)
hello again ezyksis