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I regret doing pull-ups when I was a gym rat in my 30s. Muscle really does grow faster than your connective tissues can deal with if you are not thinking long term… and how many young guys getting ripped fast think long term when the girls are looking NOW?
I’ve read a few Vinge pieces, novels and shorter forms. I really loved ‘Across Realtime’.
D’Angelo did a Bitcoin 101 series back in the day, and IMO by far the most interesting episode was “The $5 cardboard box solution“.
He made a strong case for the ‘71 ‘Sunshine’ legislation creating a game theory situation that massively favored the creation a the DC Lobbyist Blob we are permanently stuck with. A helluva lot of shit flowed downstream from that under-the-radar bit of do-gooder legislation.
Desktop Primal is working great lately.
Vernor Vinge if you like science fiction.
Also Larry Niven underrated… try ‘Mote in God’s Eye’.
I like audio books and split my dog walking time between them and podcasts. Rarely music these days.
I’m noticing that the production quality in audio books (I.e., voice talent) is getting very good. I’m currently listening to a full audio ‘movie’ version of SM Stirling’s “Dies the Fire” which has dozens of voice actors and sound effects etc. The reader for “Shantaram” was crazy good too.
That was the intent. MSM quiver is full of arrows labeled ‘far rightI’, ‘Nazi’, and the ever popular’Hitler’.
I made a batch of comfrey salve today. Plant cuttings were bought with BTC / Lightning too!
Re Cybertruck: Welded patches will be a feature, not a bug.
It’s cool that it’s built in with Strike now!
“Studying and Hodling for years… it’s worked out rather well.”
Then tell them there are countless books on Bitcoin (not altcoins).
I’m done overtly orange pilling.
I found the soft sell works way better.
I worked in a medical lab for a long time. I often thought 85% of the tests were unwarranted and the results usually meaningless. It’s a big racket.
You gotta be persistent. Everything is gradually then suddenly.
Happened to her, she says she’s seen other reports online. I’m just putting it out there to look up / confirm / debunk.
I’ll guess they’ll just sell paper bitcoin IOUs? Or try to…
My gf says watch out for hair loss when over doing it.