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Muun strikes again. It's almost like they're trying to do harm.
You don't need to regulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin's code does it just fine.
And the only regulations you need for crypto is just banning all crypto that's not Bitcoin. They're all scams. Every single one.
If only people knew this. And why.
Hello to my favorite colonizer.
TLDR no.
Quantum computing will eventually be good for Bitcoin mining.
But as a man, what can I do to make things even? Should I just stop reading and learning?
Did I read correctly that you use altcoins?
Do you just not know any Bitcoin basics? You seem new to crypto.
Please read this.
There is no second best.
It is imperative you use Bitcoin only.
Yes. That's usually where shitcoins come from.
This is Bitcoin basics here.
You can't copy Bitcoin. That's why Bitcoin is valuable in the first place.
You can copy the code, you can copy the blockchain, but you can't copy the network effects. You can't copy the Bitcoin mining hardware. You can't copy 10,000's of people running nodes.
Bitcoin is the proof of work cryptocurrency with the highest hash rate.
If you try to copy Bitcoin, you just wind up creating a shitcoin that nobody uses.
It's called a hard fork. BCH is a good example.
You make an incompatible change in the BTC code, and this creates a separate cryptocurrency network. The price goes down forever in BTC terms.
BTC holders also have equivalent amounts of BCH if they held BTC at the time of the hard fork. Hardcore Bitcoiners sold the BCH for more BTC.
The most important thing you personally need to know is that every idea you ever have has already been had millions of times. Bitcoin is perfect. You're just catching up.