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I found the answer to my question: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Weight_units

I never realized that the witness data was stored on nodes that don't prune. Pruning nodes will only ever end up with a maximum of 1MB per block, but I imagine that's not what most nodes do.

I agree with you that it's likely just a fad, I am just trying to figure out the technical details of what is going on, and why people are saying the things they are, specifically with block space / size. I am not worried, just curious.

I feel like this argument has been made every halving. Yeah we are not in QE mode right now, but likely by then we will be according to the Fed. Even if they don't pivot, it's basic supply and demand. Miners don't set the price, and difficulty adjustments are still a thing. The price does not need to go up for Bitcoin to work.

Nice response, really well thought out and helpful.

I see no issue with debate. Why not make your arguments heard rather than shitting all over posts with ad hominem attacks. If you've already made an article / post specifically making arguments against monero please post it, otherwise, your comments are worse than useless.

I always knew that there was something fishy about pretty much all altcoins given the amount of marketing, ICOs, and pump and dumps even back in 2017, but what really did it for me was when I first realized that Erhythm was 70% premined combined with the fact that their chain was headed for POS. Andreas Antonopoulos got me most of the way there, Matthew Kratter was also a big help.

Prompt: Do you foresee Bitcoin to ever become a global reserve asset much like gold?

My output:

It is difficult to predict with certainty whether or not Bitcoin will become a global reserve asset like gold. Bitcoin has only been in existence for about a decade and its price and adoption have been highly volatile. While some individuals and businesses have begun to adopt Bitcoin as a form of payment and store of value, it has yet to be widely accepted by governments and financial institutions as a legitimate form of currency. It is possible that as technology advances and infrastructure improves, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could become more widely accepted and stable. However, there are also significant regulatory and security challenges that would need to be addressed before Bitcoin could be considered as a viable alternative to gold or fiat currencies as a global reserve asset. Overall, whether or not Bitcoin will become a global reserve asset will depend on how these challenges are addressed and how the technology and its underlying blockchain evolve in the coming years.

You are blinded by ideology. Zealous to the extreme, with an ego so fragile that even the slightest criticism or opposing view sets you off. Writing in all caps in half of your posts does not get the point across any better and makes you look like a blabbering fool.

Want to keep losing credibility in this space, continue acting the way you are. There is a way to protect people from shitcoins aggressively as you have and maintain a level head. Seriously, wishing you the best, as you have legitimately helped many people in the bitcoin community, myself included.

What is this? A link to a reddit post, which doesn't have a link to the code or a release... Carsten Otto has already made rebalance-lnd, which is not the same thing.

Search engine results show a deprecated github repo from 2019. https://github.com/grunch/ln-rebalance

All of the posts I'm seeing about this frankly look like spam.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.

This is such good personal security advice. I know some people get so paranoid that they end up hurting themselves far more by trying to roll their own security protocols.

Great point about the quality of goods in CPI not being tracked, nobody ever talks about that.

Your summary seems to describe the current situation with US monetary policy pretty closely lol... Now the Fed is frantically trying to decrease the velocity of money via interest rates to curb "price inflation", which was really just devaluation of the currency, ridiculous.

I'd argue that money. especially bitcoin, is an abstract manifestation of productivity (store of value). It may not be a store of energy, but it does act as a battery in a sense of value that can be used later. Combine that with the ability to use it globally almost instantly, his point still stands IMO.

People who actually believe that bitcoin is literal energy are completely missing the point, which I don't believe you are saying by the way.

Maybe "energy" is the wrong word, but it's a decent metaphor in my opinion.

I think he should get off twitter for his own good, and he himself probably knows that as well. Jordan's advice is generally good imo and overall is a net positive. I think most people who are critical of him don't actually listen and understand what he is trying to say. I don't think he is nihilistic, he actually offered philosophies that I believe as another comment said are the "antidote to nihilism" like existentialism and absurdism. As I mentioned in a comment in this thread, the benzo use was a tragedy and not abuse as far as I can tell. Never heard about the sexual assault accusations.

The benzodiazepine use as far as I understand was prescribed to him and he had a terrible reaction to trying to get off of it. At least what I remember hearing him say, it was hell on earth dealing with both using it and the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from benzos can literally kill you. Source

Benzos are habit-forming drugs. They are not intended for long-term use and, in as little as 3-5 weeks, can create physical dependence – even if taken only as prescribed. Physical dependence means that a person has started to build a tolerance for benzodiazepines and will need to continue increasing their dosage to get the same effects. They may experience withdrawal when they stop taking the drug or reduce their dosage.

Maybe you should reach out to some known node operators who are running services. lightning.store is a good example.

Dude, he is not asking about how to run a routing node. He's asking about managing services on top of a LN node.

Syncthing really works well for synchronization of .kdbx files across devices. Should work for any version of keepass and its forks as far as I can tell. Consider using the yubikey option as a 2FA to protect yourself if your password gets sniffed/stolen.