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Landed in Germany and got a text from my US cell provider demanding $10 a day.
Bought an esim from silent link for $10 a month and paid in lightning.
Had cell service before I got my bags at baggage claim.
I used silent link for an esim for a few months. My experience was pretty great.
  • I used it for data only (did calling/texting via messaging apps like signal).
  • Paid in lightning.
  • Very affordable.
  • Instantly downloaded esim once I paid.
  • Sometimes had trouble with networks when out in rural areas.
Howdy! Always enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!
Hey! Thanks! It's a pretty quick read. Hope you enjoy it!
I've been trying to write reviews of all the famous cyberpunk books. I've got them linked in my profile.
Wow, fifty bucks is steep. Try archive.org, they let you borrow ebooks.
It's a little hard to track down. I was able to get it through the library though.