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We also have to make running dedicated hardware nodes easy for people!! This is over looked.
We need something people can buy right away with no fuss (no need to install anything) and it is robust, stable, and easy to update. Most all current linux OS are complex to set up and complex to run bitcoind and lnd or cln. This applies to some sovereign node implementations, as well.
That is why I love NixOS as it can be crafted by a tech person, but used easily by a non-tech person. As a vast vast majority of folks will never run any Linux OS, let alone, to serve software system like bitcoind or lnd. They will not know what hardware to use nor the software to download.
That is why I have put my time and energy in trying to create a "set it and forget it" node system. I think this is piece of the puzzle to help fight poor node implementations, unmaintained nodes, etc. It will create a more quality sovereign infrastructure for Bitcoin and Lighting.
Awesome! Yes, my store has it enabled!
Child psychologist here...
For Parenting:
I recommend the books by Dr. Gold. She has been well trained in the field of parenting and the psychology of children and families.
A more technical book "The Developmental Science of Early Childhood" https://www.claudiamgoldmd.com/the-developmental-science-of-early-childhood/
For Relationships:
I recommend the book "Hold Me Tight" by Dr. Johnson: https://drsuejohnson.com/books/ She has done great work in the field of adult relationships.
Also, I recommend the works of Dr. Gottman. A good book by him is "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" : https://www.gottman.com/product/the-seven-principles-for-making-marriage-work/
All these authors above give great insight into the dynamics of the relational bond between our children and our loved ones. It is the bonds between us that carry the most salient energy for thriving as children and adults.
Last but not least, I highly recommend Mark Passio's work on Natural Law. As we can only thrive psychologically if we Truly know the difference between a right and wrong and then we need to teach it to our children. https://odysee.com/@woeih:e/Mark-Passio-Natural-Law-Seminar-Part-1-of-3-2013-10-19:c
Just stay out of their jurisdiction and then you don't have to worry about these immoral "laws." As anyone working for the government is immoral because they use DURESS to persuade you to comply. That is SLAVERY!
But, if you like being a SLAVE, then stay in their jurisdiction and give those pedophilia cowards your hard earned resources.
Yes, don't use telegram! It is "slaveware." "Slaveware" (I am coining this term for 2024) is any damn software program that is not opensource and centralized.
Run your own Matrix server then use Element on GrapheneOS or run your own XMPP server and then use one of the very few XMPP clients on GrapheneOS or download Simplex (but difficult for the user to plug in your server information into the app)
We make it easy with a Sovran Pro! All you have to do is plug it in! The Sovran Pro Runs a full Bitcoin node with the entire block chain already downloaded. Plus it has your own Lightning node already installed. No need to install anything. Also, I will personally help you with any questions you may have.
It also is a full desktop computer as well. No one offers that in this space and we don't use docker.
Additionally, the OS of the Sovran Pro, Sovran_SystemsOS, is fully open source.
Also, we don't use any banks and are not registered with any governments. We are a completely private movement, as we stand for absolute Freedom.
police and military cause most of the suffering in this world as they are the enforcers of human slavery.
Thanks for the update!
Also, it is important to know if you register a "business" with the government (501(c)(3), Sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, etc.) you will get RUGGED!!
You are signing your resources over to them and they now OWN YOU and they can do whatever they want to you as you are in their jurisdiction. You LOSE your rights.
Then when you use a lawyer, you are furthering your ownership by the government as lawyers always work for the state and the BAR. They do NOT work for you or do they care if you win or lose.
Please, we have to learn this lesson and STOP participating with governments.
Form your own private memberships, which keep you out of their jurisdictions and STARVE those FUCKERS out of existence.
Governments and their henchmen and women (Lawyers, judges, etc) are a cancer to humanity and if we don't learn our lesson, it will harm us tremendously.
You can call me dramatic , buy may I point you to history. History is a very good teacher.
True, because there is NO scientific evidence that a "virus" even exist. Moreover, most folks do not know how to read or understand scientific research, thus leaving them defenseless to audit the pure garbage and deception, which the "scientism" religious death cult call "research" and "science."
Keep up this energy! The world needs more of this Divine Masculine energy!!
Damn straight. We all need to stop being slaves. There are evil people in this world that do evil things with your energy that you offer up to them. Please stop doing that.
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