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Of course I can imagine it.
Economics is the priest caste of the financial imperial aristocracy, their job hjas always been to put number justifications on what is in the end an ideological program of financialized neoclassical economics.
This is one of the reasons economics is in general low repute with other academic fields, especiallz in the social sciences (of which it purports to be a member). They don't really think about things in any deep manner, they just march on.
luckily, they'll give him a sandwich for a Tesla stock certificate though
also, who needs a watch? it's not 1985
I mean, one of the open secrets of the market is that the spot market is for plebs. The institutions don't usually put orders in order bnooks like a peasant, they have OTC desks for that. The question is what happens when OTC supply runs dry, and pre-arranged deals top out. So yes, but: yes, in that it arrests the price, which shoud affect the OTC deals as wells, BUT it's not actuallz bought in the order book spot market
is this act one in the play "manufacturing consent for escalation"?
Olafs Scholz draws and erases "red lines he won't cross" like a preschooler who just discovered white-out
I did the same and installed linux (also ubuntu) on a laptop. It looks great, it's fast; twi things, of course: installing things is an absolute pain. Also, my VPN has no native app for it and runs through a command window, which is to say, I get the "connected" notification, but unlike in the app, I don't get a constant "you're connnected" screen for the paranoid. well...
citing "privacy concerns" to make it seem like this is about protecting user data, when actually it was about exposing givernment influence; and twitter employees protected the government to the detriment of publishing this information. I mean, I'm very rarely actually on team musk, the guy's a disaster. but here....
way to sell a restriction as an outrage. Cities across the world are doing this, that is, replacing usual social payments with pre-loaded cards.
As always, marginalized populations are the groups on which control technologies are first tested, because they are powerless to resist. Prison populations, migrants: they get the surveillance nightmare first.
This is what this is. this is literally what everyone's been screaming about: about control what you can spend money on, and about 15-minute cities:
where these cards are in effect, they work only for pre-approved sellers, only for certain products, only within a certain radius (making it impossible to go anywhere), and don't allow cash withdrawals.
They're not a jackpot.
ah, it's bugle! Every time, I assume it's possible that yes, someone actually said something like this :D
I mean, I have a thousand books and read maybe 250 of them. Never underestimate the impulse "I'll buy it and get to it", and then there's the "I'll put it on my shelf to have guests start conversations" impulse
So, I've edited and published some books before. A few things: How much work it is depends, as you're not writing it, you're collecting; collecting is more managerial work (getting everypone to hand in promised chapters is a PAIN, especially because academics never keep deadlines, while they make students fails for being a minute late...)
The challenge is finding a publisher. Three options: finding a publisher who will do it for the promise of return (only works with authors/editors they know and have delivered returns before, usually, or a really cool idea); finding a publisher who will take payment up front and then ALSO pocket the book profits (on the argument that only a minority of books makes money; this is no longer true, as nowadays, they don't have to print 1000 copies and wait, they just make a pdf and print on demand). Or self-publishing, which in academia is discouraged because of the reputational gain of having a publisher (BS really, but not the subject here).
Then, you have to make sure you get them all on time and do QC: that is, largely, spell-checking, seeing to it that the authors keep the format rules, and sometimes give some suggestions on streamlining arguments etc.
Finally, you have to organize and arrange then chapters in a way that makes sense. Good editors will cross-relate them sometimes by adding cross-references, but this is rare. Then, you write an introduction that sets the frame of the book, outlines the book "thesis" that uhnites it all, and summarizes the chapters.
Off to the publisher it then goes.
because it?s neatly packaged and you don?t have to go look, because boomers like dead trees under the shade of a lamp (and even millenials too, sometimes), because a book can be parked on a shelf where guests can find it, because it has an order and a sequence to it that the forum entries are lacking...
look how they pretend that the speculators and the big money "portfolio diversification" cult care about (or even understand) tech and don't just ape in, assuming "safer than other alts, more return than BTC" just from historical regression
is the US government behind using media outlets to blame Korea? Usually with stories like this, that is 100% what is going on.
and wild west mode is the only mode. I don't want content hidden. show me everything and let me decide.
you know perfectly well that it's not the airline that makes these rules. These are legal impositions.