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Stacker news logo in the article!

Wow. I have not seen that yet. Will defiantly see that!

I really love these videos. Really well done and informative:

How I hacked a Trevor hardware crypto wallet and recovered $2 million:


Really nice and good info in a hackning video! I bet many of the I lost millions of dollars in bitcoin is like this.

From charter one:

”For example, neither Bitcoin nor Facebook nor a DAO is a network state, because each lacks certain qualities – like diplomatic recognition – which are core to anything we’d think of as the next version of the nation state.”

I like to read this…

My favorite part of the article:

“Because a bitcoin is worth so much more than a carton of eggs, we multiplied the price by 100 million to express it in so-called satoshis, which is the smallest subunit of bitcoin.”

We will have satoshis as the currency of the bitcoin network.