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The Argentina Stable Coin is not that stable.

https://twitter.com/jackmallers/status/1480964519086206977?s=20 Argentina is plagued with a history of economic turmoil and uncertainty. Inflation will reach 55% this year. GDP will contract by 12% this year. There have been 8 currency crises since the central bank was founded. Half the population is already living in poverty.

This is not a problem. We need transparency at the base layer to trust bitcoin. Privacy can be added on lightning or other layers as you say.

Yea! Really strange times.

I also like that the first Melaina NTF on Solana is Called ”Melainas vision”. Sounds a LOT like BSV satoshis vision. Kind of funny.


Bitcoin is right! Trump’s wife like the satoshi vision genesis block! 😅 https://twitter.com/melaniatrump/status/1478129577402765317?s=21