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Black rock will get the bitcoin from the hundreds of thousands of coins held on exchanges. People that think their paper claims are real bitcoin will find out the hard way that they are just unsecured creditors.
You need a special account to use it though, and the general public can't get one yet.
You could stack 1m sats and it would be enough for the future.
Enjoy life by using bitcoin :)
if you are willing to teach me how can i accomplish to try 32700 combinations yes, i will give you half of it.
"My point is this. What if the vast majority of bitcoiners don't sell the majority of their stack, regardless of how ridiculously high the fiat price gets?" I'm never selling*.
  • Except if I can buy my house with half my stack.
Any idea how can i do it with an app or someone that can help me with the code write? is like 32700 combinations possibles. i will pay with a bounty of course.
well, i've made the calculations again that i have more time and.. its like 32768 combinations. How can i do it?
Nice post.
I have some trouble believing this though:
"If I need $500,000 in cash tomorrow, I can literally get it out of the bank."
What bank will give you 500k in cash?
the south of the Eurozone has been locked in an economic trade prison.
You mean, they've been forced to deal with the consequences of sound money, rather than being able to just devalue their currencies at will?
You're making an argument against Bitcoin!
I just choose to live in states that respect my personal freedom and liberty rather than living in red states and pretending that is true https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2023-04-22/book-bans-soaring-schools-new-laws-republican-states
In the US, Capital One and Schwab's apps work well without Google Play services.
However, Capital One's app requires permission to access phone calls/SIM information (not good for privacy), but it seems that this would still be the case on regular Android: https://www.capitalone.com/digital/mobile/android-permissions/
You would send lightning in and get chaumian ecash to use on the site
Thank you for sharing, I was entirely unaware. What's the next best place?
great way to explain to the fam how bitcoin works.
  1. txs propagated through p2p network
  2. txs are collected and batched into blocks
  3. miners compete to publish those txs into a valid block (often as part of a pool) 4.anyone can participate
  4. get paid for the work you contribute
  5. be your own bank
Well it would be pretty groundbreaking to find an AI that creates 3d print designs from prompt. Hey 3d gpt, make me 10 flower pot designs.
I havent really thought about the similarities between the two, mainly because Ive been downloading stl files instead of designing stuff from scratch.
But its probably an easy sell if your teacher is familiar with FOSS.