14 sats \ 30 stacked

I didn’t realize this was a public post lol.

4 sats \ 21 boost0 replies \ @anthony 11 Sep \ on: SN tipping is live!

Very neat! Love seeing this site get the love it deserves!

Never mind I figured out the issue. I didn’t realize you needed to create an account by having or reserving a node @k00b

I’m trying to join and it keeps saying it doesn’t recognize the code @k00b

21 Lessons is also available as a free ebook from Swan Bitcoin. https://event.swanbitcoin.com/21lessons/

I also recommend Inventing Bitcoin (free ebook with referral link) which is the first book on Bitcoin I ever read. It was oddly engaging.

Great work as always! I really hope Stacker News takes off and becomes the Reddit/Hacker News of the Bitcoin community.

Thanks for getting it working in quick order!

Looking forward to reading this!

I log in via Lightning and I have not had that issue. When I run out of sats, I need to add more to my account.

This is actually really cool. Hopefully other Lightning wallets implement something like this.

Test post please ignore

Don't tell me what to do. /s

Also, great article. Gigi puts out quality content.

Thanks for the link! I wasn’t following Bitcoin at the time so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.

Did you used to show the Ethereum logo? My guess is this is jack proclaiming his preference for Bitcoin in a passive-aggressive way.

Any way to enable the website as an RSS feed?

This is the first edition of the newsletter I've gotten since subscribing and it's amazing how many cool Lightning projects are out there.