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Yeah, this is all Midjourney and Photoshop.

Nice, kinda like plebeian.market yes?

Wow wtf.. ok. Kan you explain for idiots like how this works?

That is a great idea too. I'm a bit short on time. Might revisit the idea in the future though.

Added to the list

Added to the list

Added to the list.

Thank you :) Midjourney helped a lot. Still lots of photoshop work afterwards but damn, these ai's are becoming amazing.

Looks good on my end? What can I do better. Teach me sensei.

Its satire.. its allowed to be cringe.

Good idea.. Will add them to the list. Not sure if I will get around to them as paying jobs have priority over free time stuff like this.

You are in luck. Finished that one recently :) See original tweet here

Let me present to you, Scam Bankman-Fraud thisisanimage

Can we return to the tail emission discussion in a hundred years or so? Only if there actually is some kind of evidence that it might be needed.

The mysterious inner workings of Midjourney dreamed the styling up. It def. looks like oil or acrylic, right? We are on the cusp of amazing developments in ai.. This decade will be confusing AF. Mark my words.

Let's be honest, Bitcoin already has all of us here under it's spell.

It is hand animated in After Effects. It loops forever so can't have gravity fucking that up ;)

Interesting stuff. Will try and visit SN more frequently.