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Excellent explanations adapted to different levels of Bitcoin understanding. Perfect for visually-minded people.

How did I miss your article about Natural Law! Great read. Thanks!

This article is a good entry point on anonymous communication in public networks, with definitions and links to several papers and implementations.

Maybe it's just me, but when discussing with no-coiners about BTC, the first thing coming up is about some kind of energy FUD, aka "Bitcoin is boiling the ocean." So I am starting to collect articles with facts proving that it is wrong and can, on the contrary, be very beneficial to society. If you have any good links, please share them!

Tried from Breez to bataroot@stacker.news. Worked great!

To go with this, a selection of books (pdf, epub, html...) to download directly from mises.org: https://mises.org/library/anatomy-state

In the same line of thought, a helpful resource to de-google your digital presence https://github.com/tycrek/degoogle