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Being better at food intelligence and acting locally to decentralize our food supplies. We really need to be better at this, getting together locally, potentially federated at a high level. Too many points of failure and control in the current supply chain :(

Bisq. Coldcard. Electrum. Sparrow.

In our family, work, social circles, and local communities are the men and women who can replace our very unnatural overlords. Men and women who understand inequality and human differences as the inescapable starting point of human society, which in Ludwig von Mises's view allows for "collaboration of the more talented, more able, and more industrious with the less talented, less able, and less industrious," which "results in benefits for both." -- Jeff Deist

one thing at a time ;) I forgot, a friend and I also started a local Bitcoin Meetup... also good for KYC-free coins opportunities

I kickstart the circular economy by orange-pilling my local network, friends, and family.

I have a PowerPoint presentation ready to introduce them to the fundamentals and drill them into ignoring shitcoin's get-rich schemes.

Then I organize workshops, where they install BlueWallet, learn about the importance of backing up the seed words, I play the exchange for them (they give me cuck bucks in cash, we agree on a rate, and I send them some conjoined coins).

After that, it's moving sats with each other in a round-robin fashion. And to finish up, I direct them to a reliable exchange (BullBitcoin, here in Canada)

Doing my share, one at a time :)

"I don't know shit about fuck." -- Ruth Langmore


I am torn by this. On the one hand, another state-driven regulation tells people and businesses how they should act; On the other hand, it opens up walled gardens.

Thanks a lot for that! The way the Bitcoin donations for the Canadian Freedom Convoy were handled was such a missed opportunity :( Anyway, live and learn!

Very useful service. I have been using it for a couple of months now.

open-source marketing automation project: https://github.com/mautic/mautic

Disclaimer: I have never used it; I had it in my notes from a while ago. It'll be good to have some insights from the stacker.news community ;)

The problem is always resource allocation, especially at the start of a project.

It's easy to delegate non-business-core functions to external services. It's also counter-intuitive to tell some of your production team to integrate or rewrite what seems mundane, already solved services such as a marketing suite.

IMHO those functions (like marketing and authentication) are core and should be integrated from the start...

3rd-party services holding my customers' data make me so nervous that I went against the grain with my own SAAS... and built everything inside it as a foundational layer... Not for everyone, though ;)

I'll check my notes and see if I can find FOSS self-hosted solutions; I'll post back here if I find anything.

I recommend this site Academy of Ideas for anyone interested in Freedom, Psychology, and more...

As I see these macaroons everywhere in the bitcoin space, I think it's time to go down the path of better understanding them ;)