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I hope you're doing well K00b
Just lots of stress.. I hope you are well k00b. God bless.
have you considered our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?
Gm Koob, mwah God bless
Hope you recover everything bro, I'm not knowledgeable of this stuff :(
And the feds stack of BTC increases, wonder how much they have now
Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!
doesn't even need to be distinct, let people build, copy and fork as much as they want. Thats openness.
Completely agree with this sentiment, people like flashy stuff unfortunately and thats where the easier money is, even though things being easy is in direct opposition to the philosophy
Sphinx is kind of a side project of a tool of necessity for Stakwork so its rather limited in scope compared to the wild west of nostr, the wild openness of nostr is its value, im not that interested in the twitter clones on it though which is where most of the energy is right now
We are enjoying being alive, praise be to God.
I was imagining this concept awhile ago, I'm glad someone with the actual know-how actually built something! :D
Great way to start the day ^_^
Don't worry about it, I just want to exist and not cause issues tbh
Good Morning, God bless, just grateful for another day to be alive