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Bitcoin projects remind me of the web 1.0.
Real people doing real things, none of the current web crap that only cares about selling your attention to big corporations.
You can talk with the people doing these projects and you'll realize they are usually very kind and responsive, they truly want to make the world a better place through their contribution.
A perfect example of that is @k00b here at SN. And there's many more!
What a time to be in the internet, I hope it continues to grow like this and doesn't get centralized like the web did.
feels like the easiest way to stack sats from the daily reward is to upvote good comments before other people see them.
everyone is trying to upvote good posts early, but the comments are overlooked.
I'ld like to see a chart on the User Analytics that shows the "rewards" summary for the day (in aggregate) broken down by:
Rewards Pool funds (In):
  • Jobs
  • Boosts
  • Posting fees
  • Donations
  • [anything else?]
Rewards Pool funds (Out):
  • Rewards for posts that were upvoted and ranked high
  • Rewards for upvoting posts
  • Rewards for upvoting comments
  • [anything else?]
Funds-in is basically all of the spending if you subtract 90% of tips.
Funds out is 100% of funds-in with 1/3 to top posts, 1/3 to top comments, 1/6 to early and trusted top post upvoters, 1/6 to early and trusted top comment upvoters.
I translated 3 articles into German.
Set up all the summer furniture yesterday and gazebo but did not get around to giving the car a spring cleaning, so that is on the agenda for today. Also, my 4 year old is in spring training for her upcoming Tball season so we will be working on perfecting swing mechanics, well as perfect as a 4 year old can swing.
We really need a nostr sub. 50% of decent content posted is about nostr.
yay subs!
Maybe there could be several subs. Lightning tech, Nostr, mainchain tech, general economics, lifestyle/non-bitcoin, etc.
Eventually. Currently there's not enough great lightning/bitcoin/privacy tech news/stories/thinkpieces posted to fill the main page daily. These subjects also all kind of overlap.
Nostr is relatively tangential yet a tangent most of us are interested in (judging from post volume).
Another drawback of subs is content being harder to find and keep track of.
I like how I can just follow a single feed and learn about stuff I may never have learned about.
But I guess there can be a "main" sub where (popular?) content from every sub is linked automatically. Similar to reddit's front page. This whole sub idea was popularized by reddit, right?
But I guess there can be a "main" sub where (popular?) content from every sub is linked automatically. Similar to reddit's front page.
We'd probably do the MVP on separate pages (like ~jobs is now) but that'd be the eventual idea - follow different subs and get them all on the main page.
Yes and a stacker sports fork. :-)
Feeling inspired by One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest this morning.
You gotta believe the impossible to acheive the impossible.
Hey hey hey gang, the weekend is almost here and it is exciting times indeed, the ETH update was good, BTC is in the green, profits are being made, it's a good day indeed, I just finished brewing some coffee, gonna head outside and listen to the hustling and bustling of the beach and get some sunshine, I wish you all a spectacular day and may you have lots of success today, thank you for being here, thank you for existing and thank you for the smile you will bring someone today. Be well my friends and stay frosty.
I am excited about Fuji money! Please feel free for to Call me a closet shitcoiner if you want I don’t care!
For those who wish to learn how to mint fUSD watch this video below.
So what do you plan to do with your over collateralized BTC based usd shitcoin:
Buy Synthetic stocks of course!!! What else is their to buy!
We are enjoying being alive, praise be to God.
Brought a 15 Turkish lira local sulfur soap ( less than 1$ ) recommended by a friend; no fancy packing or big brand name, but it is completely natural, and it beats everything I had tried to cure acne, which made me wonder why did I waste so much money to buy the fiat skincare. πŸ˜‚
How nice would that be if more plebs are coming together to share their first-hand experience instead of keep listening to fiat lies and buying junk to fix the symptoms?
I knew Bitcoin is just the start of something beautiful.
nostr reviews
Trying to orange-pill HN by commenting HN posts that @hn crossposted and earned some sats here with a link to the SN post. The comment could be something like this:
You could have earned X sats if you posted this on
The links could be fully disclosed referral links.
I could also add invite links with 1-5k sats as a gift. The gift could be based on the current exchange rate. So they always know that the sats they received were $1 worth when the invite was created.
Was also thinking about commenting with LNURL-withdraw so they can withdraw the sats their post received on here. But then I couldn't be sure that the OP and not someone else withdraws the sats ...
I would have to ask the OP first for some public key or something. But then, I can also just ask for an LN invoice, I guess.
Any ideas?
I guess just using invite links with the sats their post received + some gift on top would be enough. The "OP problem" still remains though
Maybe you ask the OP to create a SN account and reply to your comment with the associated LN-URL. That way you can verify that you are sending to the OP, while at the same time minimizing the barrier of entry needed for them to start accepting sats
Mhh. Good idea. But there could be "peer pressure" since they would "expose" themselves as being interested by replying to my comment.
So far I have been thinking about getting the invite link in some secret way to the OP. The invite link would have the sats their post received here attached as a gift. This way, they really just need to create an account to immediately receive the sats. But there are no DMs on HN.
I want to find a way so there is no further interaction required by me for them to receive the sats. It should be as seamless as possible to strengthen the point how easy it is to receive sats.
But I guess I am overcomplicating things, haha
I can just start with something easy and update the bot to a better method when I found one.
Probably best. Maybe just start with commenting the invite link and then work on the OP problem as it runs.
Guess the first problem is actually to make these comments not be shadowbanned, lol
Thinking more about this, I think I will just go with your approach: Ask the OP to post an LN address or invoice.
I consider sending the sats to the wrong person a lot worse than requiring some effort from the OP.
This is a worthy goal. Good luck. I will be curious to see if you make any progress.
Seems like my comments on HN are immediately getting shadowbanned. They show up as [dead] when using inkognito:
This is what I posted:
Your post received 1148 sats and 11 comments on [0]. To claim your sats, reply to this comment with a LN address or invoice [1].
You can create a SN account to obtain a LN address.
[0] #164952 (referral link)
Will contact dang to ask if there is a way to get them to show up or what rules I am breaking.
Most likely there was some kind of scam detection that got triggered. So many scam bots mentioning Bitcoin exist that they may have a filter for it.
Yes, could very well be it. I just sent an email:
To: Subject: Dead comments from stackernews
Hi Hacker News,
I am the creator behind the recently created "stackernews" account. [0] I am fetching top stories from HN and posting them on, a site which is very similar to Hacker News but where upvotes are satoshis. For example, see this post: #164952
I wanted to provide the OP from HN the option to claim these sats. So I thought I would post a comment like this:
Your post received 1148 sats and 11 comments on [0]. To claim your sats, reply to this comment with a LN address or invoice [1]. You can create a SN account to obtain a LN address. [0] #164952 (referral link) [1]
However, I have noticed that these comments show up as [dead] in incognito so I think they are getting shadowbanned. Is there something in that comment which is not allowed? If so, I would be very happy to remove it to make the comments show up.
I have no ill intentions with these comments. I only want to provide the OPs the chance to claim these sats (if they want).
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yes, sorry, but you can't post those comments to Hacker News. They're simply off topic.
It's also not in your interest to do so, in my experience; I don't think the community will react well to such posts. For one thing, there's way too much cynicism around cryptocurrency stuff now; for another, they will be interpreted as an ad for your site, which will lead people to use unkind words like 'spam'.
That's fair
Yeah, I replied with:
Okay, I can see how these comments can be considered off topic.
Thanks for the clarification and fast response!
But the part about "not in my interest" sounds like a benevolent dictator. This is why we need nostr.
I guess you called it!
I literally just want to give value back. Kinda ironic that HN doesn't seem to like that, lol
But maybe I just triggered some automatic mechanism. Hopefully dang will understand that these comments have no ill intention.
Thanks. I think it's more likely my bot gets banned there haha