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Relays can choose their deletion police or limit who can publish to them in any way they want, even charge for publications.

Still doesn't explain how it's supposed to work.

There is no real delete on the internet, but there are ways to do best-effort delete attempts which we're considering.

The protocol doesn't have much baked in it, but most things can be done as extensions, which are always going to be optional and opt-in by clients and relays. Deleting is one of those.

Who is behind this server? Why do we have to interact with a person named "Agora Announcements" on Telegram instead of with a (pseudo) person?

The goal is to never ask these questions, do not ask for permission.

Does it solve any problems, really? It's just bikeshedding.

What? Why is this a post?

This is just a worse version of hosted channels.