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Throw Nicaragua in the mix so that the country is contiguous
When payment in sats to defend against spam/bots?
Appreciate it @k00b! I love SN. Can't wait to see how you'll integrate with nostr
This sucks. I wanted to add something that is probably not clear enough...
Fuck the banks
Looks nice... I wonder how accepting bitcoin would go with their clients/sponsors. Several bitcoin-hostile entities.
I haven't heard Milei talk much at all about Bitcoin. Only once I think
Aguante Alberdi carajo!
Absolutely. It needs to be done on the way to hyperinflation.
But I think you're missing something.
Here in Argentina for example, people escape inflation by buying US dollars. Is the dollar inflating 7%? That's absolutely nothing compared to 130%! So people demand and save in dollars. It would be much easier to jump to bitcoin if dollars didn't exist.
Bitcoin has different onramps but I think zaps (like on Nostr/SN) are the least difficult way to get acquainted, and these social places have the potential to scale adoption the most. Memes help.
By the way: I hate zap farming behavior. It's just to show the level of interaction.
Yes. It's important to be aware of it. Even if as a community we are privacy minded, SN is still custodial, Nostr clients can still track the hell out of us, and relays know everything we are served or search for
lol it's okay
You went out of your way to find the (public) 1M sat zap I received and how many comments wrote
No worries
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Even if it was for you... I simply asked "Venezuela?" and you got all worked up. I guess it's you who need to control your emotions.
Exactly 😂
It's alright. I'll assume you come from North Korea.
You're confusing being offended with pointing out anti-social behavior.
If you behave like a dick, I will say it.