I just followed him. People are already sending him sats.

Yes, a flow

what if intelligence agencies are dusting him so they can track him

Their dust is locked in the channel used by their client to send and doesn’t show up in the receiving channel or wallet.

Exactly. He is receiving tips by LN, not Onchain. An interesting fact, considered his security profile, is that he is using Alby; a custodial LN wallet can help to hide in the crowd. Then after swapping out you can always coinjoin.

Guessing nostr is about to get more cough ddos and other govt attention now. But glad to see how it stands up.

"Kicking the hornet's nest, and now the swarm is heading towards us." Is what Satoshi said about wikileaks using Bitcoin. Held up pretty good though. Let's see how Nostr does. It may just mean we have to switch to Lightning-pay-to-post-relays sooner than we thought. Would be funny if we made the government buy bitcoin, bring it off chain, and support relays (and LN routers) to spam us.

ddosing nostr is a crime against humanity. its literally a crime.

doesn't matter what you call it, its perfectly doable. Nostr needs to improve

Ops, Snowden deleted his own first post to test around!

Here the copy:

His npub: npub1sn0wdenkukak0d9dfczzeacvhkrgz92ak56egt7vdgzn8pv2wfqqhrjdv9

Other notes: https://snort.social/p/npub1sn0wdenkukak0d9dfczzeacvhkrgz92ak56egt7vdgzn8pv2wfqqhrjdv9

Nice to see some personalities joining Nostr, can only be good for the promotion of the ecosystem and bring some more interest from outside the bitcion community

You have to admire his public key: npub1sn0wdenkukak0d9dfczzeacvhkrgz92ak56egt7vdgzn8pv2wfqqhrjdv9


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Didn’t know you can choose a public key. I know, I’m stupid.

You are just curious to know :)


You can't, you have to mine it. The more characters you want to choose at the beginning the harder it is to mine.

Waiting to see Elon Musk on Nostr

It would be fun! But we need to implement polls first.

He should verify himself with his domain and NIP5 so people know its really him for sure.