Stacker News \ Austin or Remote \ @k00b 22 FebPROMOTED

Stacker News is a platform for digital communities with digital economies. Using bitcoin, lightning, web of trust, nostr, and what comes next, SN wants to be a virtual city center for curious people.

SN is seeking an Everything Engineer to be programming hire #1, serve the 10k+ registered stackers, and attract and prepare SN for the next 100k.

You'll contribute to the hard problems we believe the internet needs to solve: non-custodial lightning app wallets, user generated economies, censorship-resistance, privacy preserving business models, decentralized social media, decentralized trust, using money to determine information quality, and sybil-resistance in the digital commons.

Bitcoin's properties are SN's goal post. My dream is for SN to breathe - to function autonomously by virtue of its incentives and the value it brings people.

What we mean by everything engineer:
  • comfortable building UI/UX and optimizing and scaling backends
  • not afraid of designing protocols and algorithms, and writing system software if/when needed
  • open to learning whatever is necessary to get the job done
  • you don't need to be told what to do
You should be experienced with most of the major components in our stack:
  • javascript
  • react
  • postgres
  • lnd

SN is FOSS and you can peep it here:

SN's solution scope spans non-technical domains and you should at least be excited to learn about them:
  • game theory
  • economics
  • trust/reputation
  • group psychology
  • network effects
  • design

Compensation will be based on excellence. We can cover medical and dental.

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