I didn't want to write this post, but after the past few day's I have come to a point where I decided this needed to be done. First off, I love bitcoin & the community of people I have met through it. Growing up in a heavily left-leaning society (Quebec, Canada), I felt like an outcast being somewhat "red pilled" / right leaning person. The Bitcoin community made me realize I am not alone.

But recently, I have been seeing many Bitcoiners on twitter just completely shit on anyone who has mental health issues. Calling them: "weak men", "they probably don't work out", "they eat like shit", "watch too much porn" & "haven't found jesus" etc. I get that these are opinions, and everyone should be allowed to have their own take.

As someone who lost his sister to a 10-year mental health battle which ended in suicide a few months ago, I just couldn't let this slide. Mental health is not black and white. I saw my sister degrade in front of me over a 10 year period. It is a beast of nature that is hard to explain.

So I guess my point is we need a little more compassion for victims of mental health, and the family and friends it can affect. I know we are "based bitcoiners bro", but have a little compassion.


Sorry to hear about your sister. I agree with you.

While there is a lot of victim mentality in today's society and some mental health issues that can be resolved by getting off your ass and doing something productive, working out, meditating, finding purpose etc, some people do have serious mental health issues and they should not be belittled for this or considered weak.

I lost one of my friends in high school to suicide (this was in the 90s, so long ago I had almost forgotten) and my best friend really struggled with depression for years when we were in our early 20s (again, seems so long ago). I personally had my issues with abusing alcohol while I was going through a tough time in life around a decade ago.

It's hard because some people really do just need a swift kick in the ass (me) to get in a better state of mind while others need a lot more help than that (my best friend) and we shouldn't demean them for that.

Cheers, GR

Very very well put. Great point that in certain cases a swift kick in the butt can do lot's of good and change people's mindset, and get them out of a depressive state.

In my sister's case it was severe mental issues that a swift kick could simply not fix. Going from top of her honours bachelor of pharmaceuticals program, to a ghost of her former self.

I appreciate the kind words btw, very nice of you.


You may want to stay off social media if you care about mental health.

not getting the point clearly

You're trying to blame bitcoin/bitcoiners for something you've signed yourself up for by joining the world's cesspool filled with algorithms designed to keep you enraged and engaged. Clearly you're not getting the point.

no no. I get how it may come off like that though (partly why I really didn't want to initially do this post). It's a talking point I have noticed recently amongst bitcoiners, and I felt as if I should give my 2 cents. And you are 100% correct, that the algo's are cancerous (clearly bad for mental health). Just thought it was worth the discussion.

You might want to check out nostr (if you haven't already). No algorithm. You just get what you want to see. Don't like someones opinion? Just unfollow them.

But I agree with your actual point. I also think a lot of bitcoiners are very toxic (and some even pride themselves with beeing toxic). No idea where that comes from.

The problem is, we choose to participate in those algorithms. Bad design is no excuse for your own decisions. Thus, by using this medium to call attention to the issues, @ncryppt is doing exactly what anyone with a concious ought to. We bitcoiners need to step up and address these problems in our community, not blame it on bad social media algorithms

Really appreciate it! thank you

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I'm very passionate about mental health bc I've personally been deep into the depths of despair myself. I know the feeling all to well. Thankfully the last 4 years have been a complete 180. Life is now pretty incredible.

I'm a doctor (not that it matters) but I've studied mental health intensively over the years bc i want to know the why and how.

First. Stop drinking and drugs. I finally got healthy after getting sober 4 years ago and I was just a "beer guy".

Second I highly encourage to read or listen to the book BRAIN ENERGY by Chris Palmer MD.

That book was just published and from everything I've researched it appears that Dr Palmer has got it figured out. He's a 25 yr Harvard professor and practicing psychiatrist. He comes with the data.

Good luck. I wish you wellness.

Thank you very much for the tips & podcast reccomendation doc! I will check it out :)

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What you are seeing is immaturity. I've worked in the technology field for a long time and in my early days I saw this same thing a lot. The things people would say would be different but it is the same lack of perspective and compassion. I grew up in a Christian church and the same thing happens there. Its a human flaw. Pride, ignorance, and being reactionary. I think we should try to respond in love and compassion to those struggling and those being callous as well. Just my two cents.

great point!

I should add, in my younger years I was very vocal and dogmatic with people. Very little compassion. I was young and ignorant. Thankfully most people showed me grace and didn't drive me into the ground. I think many of us, if we are honest will admit we have been like some of these people you are pointing out. Its fine and healthy to point it out but the way forward is to set an example by conducting ourselves as we would like others to conduct themselves.

100%. My overall view on life pretty much did a 180 when I got the news of my sisters passing a few months ago. I was young and ignorant before (just like the ones Im calling out in the post). Still young, just a little less ignorant due to abit of hardship.

I am very grateful for this post. Thank you!

my pleasure, kinda feels weird throwing this post out in the open, but I felt like it needed to be done.

Bitcoin is money. It has no political affiliation or ideology.

Compassion isn't a political affiliation or ideology. Bitcoin is just the community.

Stupid people on the internet will always say stupid things. They are not worth your attention. Ignore them.

No one can really comment on this directly since legibilizing the collective of information around unknown tweets is impossible for the same reason statism doesn't work.

Mental health issues are at least 95% induced by the toxic fiat world, and you'll find that people who are not strong & healthy themselves are least able to provide compassion for others.

I almost lost my sister (not going to get into it) ...But the the thing is, we are in a protracted war against true evil that has been running for over century. I am sorry for your loss, but there will be more casualties.

In a short battle tactics matter, in a regular war, strategy matters, but in a many decade existential conflict, it is doctrine that matters the most. There is weakness in all of us, but that does not mean we cannot recognize absolute truths that some things are lessor than others and strive toward something better -- will some people mix in subjective belief into objective reality? -- without a doubt, but that is not a reason to eschew the general idea of an ideal.

I was just reading a paper the other day about the great physicists of the first half of the 20th century... there was an aesthetic sensibility to their approach -- they realized, those things which are aesthetic tend to be highly correlated to what is correct. Science of course is no guide as to which question you even ask in the first place. Subjectivism in every layer and dismissal of aesthetic reality is part of the great doctrine of the enemy -- not the enemy of bitcoin, but the enemy of humanity and life itself.

My thoughts on Bitcoin through the lens of my favorite theory in psychology (not that I'm well versed in the field): https://heaviside.substack.com/p/bitcoin-autism-and-dabrowskis-theory

this you: "Since nothing in the built world goes untouched by money, and since fiat poisons everything it touches, the engaged person always has a conflict to uncover if they are sincere in observing the space through which they move" ? because if so i fucking love it

Yes, thank you.

I will look into your article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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But recently, I have been seeing many Bitcoiners on twitter just completely shit on anyone who has mental health issues. Calling them: "weak men", "they probably don't work out", "they eat like shit", "watch too much porn" & "haven't found jesus" etc. I get that these are opinions, and everyone should be allowed to have their own take.

The fact that someone calls themselves a bitcoiner doesn't imply anything about their personality or their way to treat others. Supremacists tend to behave the way you describe, since they believe to be superior to others, usually because they believe they've been chosen by a supernatural being, which makes them feel special.

More progressive people usually don't have such ridiculous believes and tend to see others as equals and therefore show more compassion and respect to everyone else.

Fair point, although it's important we try to help those people change or minimize their damage, because they are a real and actual stumbling block to Bitcoin adoption, and plus the things they are saying is straight up terrible

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I don't think its possible to change such kind of people. They were that way before Bitcoin and they'll be the same forever, alas.

But showing Bitcoin and BTC as a the neutral technology and the neutral money they are, and not the monopoly of such disgusting beings, might help understanding Bitcoin and mitigating their damage hindering adoption.

well put!

I've become rather jaded myself on the bitcoin/based/bro-science/way of life, but I don't think that's real life, that's just a subset of people most of which are larping, on Twitter. Since I'm done with Twitter I don't see that drivel and so I am better for it.

Sure there are some positives in it, don't eat junk food, stay fit, bla bla this is common sense, but trying to apply it rigidly like it's a protocol is just dumb. If you have mental health issues, you have to adapt your life accordingly and that's not something you can just hammer into people.

I guess people on the fringes always tend to be the loudest, and it's easy to get sucked in if you're not paying attention. Everyone is a scammer, everyone is a psy-op of some kind, lol yes even me

Bitcoiners are right about the money, but I can see how that gets people thinking that other stuff they think is simply correct because they are right about one thing.

Bitcoin is just a money but Bitcoin doesn't fix someone's lack of self-awareness, hopefully they'll figure out they are wrong on a lot of things, or ultimately pay the price for it.

I'm also not convinced anything on twitter is reality. It's just a bunch of loud bros patting each other on the back while everyone else lurks or is in more reasonable discussion spaces like SN.

on a side note, the bitcoin twitter bro culture is extremely over rated.

But so is Bitcoin culture generally. This thing can take over your life if you let it, and have a negative impact on your work, family, friends and health if you abuse it.

Bitcoin is and should be used as a tool.

Not a lifestyle.

well said!

Most of that garbage comes from the trad chad social media industrial complex -- if you trace the social graph upwards, you'll eventually reach a hub influencer who is reselling some diet/workout PDF or trying to land paid tweet sponsorships for coffee target marketed at aspiring school shooters. If those guys were so happy with their lives, they wouldn't need to log onto a social media app and shout into the void at stereotypes.

The algorithm makes people worse, and that includes bitcoiners.

Mental health is serious shit. Honestly, I wouldn't take Bitcoin Twitter as gospel when it comes to how most bitcoiners behave and hold themselves. It's just a really loud echo chamber.. the amount of groupthink in there is actually fucking ridiculous. As much as they think they're being counter-culture or free thinkers or whatever, they fall into the same tribal traps as everyone else.

Totally agree man... So sorry to hear about your sister.

It's all fear based - the protocol doesn't have values... It does it's thing - and people are trying to attach nonsense to the protocol..

Mental health is no joke, those up high can throw down… I agree people should be more empathetic in any community

Bro ... It's unfortunate, but the new world won't miss it... they're just an error of evolution in nature... Are you gonna take offense to bad words or do you have something to prove to someone? just live...

error in evolution? Offense to bad words?

Where you pull this from homie?

multiplicative lugo...

Soon we will see even more people like that... Written and unstable... evolution of development understands this....

taking liberties in your assumptions.

Expand the limits of life and everything becomes clear. resources are limited to the nearest star is a hell of a long way away... there is no time to study the mental patients, they can't move there for a multitude of reasons... what is liberty? what is the Fundamental meaning of this word? who gave it this meaning?

you could very well be right tho

It's better not to know the future... just an accident...