So what? If those custodial are NOT KYC, can be used really nice as a "decoy" wallet.

I personally use many LN addresses, public ones and private ones, custodial and non-custodial. All depending the use case.

I use public ones, custodial, for public stuff, where my real identity is not revealed. Almost all of these custodial do not require a full KYC so is not a big deal using them. You just have to move the funds out, to your own private wallets wherever you consider is a good amount.

I use private LN address for PRIVATE stuff (private businesses, private communication with people that really know me, family, friends etc), stuff that is NOT PUBLIC.

People should learn to make the difference between public and private damn it! Seems that many still don't know it.

Use a damn nym online. Even if you show your face in videos or interviews, at least use a damn nym, could be even a false full name, random one.

In regards of running your own LN address servers, here I wrote a quick guide

There's a reality also and that is the pursuit of a non-custodial solution, today, if you're not familiar with some skills, it'll be hard to level up but it's possible. And also, it's a reality that, as the times goes, it's easier to set up your own node. TBC, I'm not against the use of wallets such as WoS et al, but it keeps me very...concerned of how people just take it for granted those solutions.

the zaps on nostr are insignificant in terms of total volume of LN use...

Don’t try to frighten us with your custodial ways, lord Vader.

You have long way to go until you will learn how to use this incredible power in your advantage...

Use your anger, the custodial services give you power!!! My master taught me the ways of the Jedi, and the pleb side.

You are wrong... Darth is The Balance in The Force. You must keep the balance if you want to thrive, only when you have the balance between both forces (jedi and Sith) you are a Master.

The whole point of the force is to NOT take sides, but use all powers, in a balance and full knowledge. You should read the Star Wars books and/or watch again all the saga and maybe you will understand more, what am I saying...

I am really surprised that people watch movies but don't pay attention to the details and just follow what MSM is pushing the idea...

As I said... you have long way to go until you learn these things.

My lord forgive me but I have no issue with LN services, they have their purpose! I am trying to make joke. Follow MSM…. That hurts me.

What is best custody lighting wallet to give family?

I know. Smile, tomorrow will be worse ! 😂😂😂

The force is strong with him…. 🤣

But you are a "Darth". Should be named Greycoin lol, like a grey Jedi. lol jk


I have an Alby wallet on Nostr registered with a throwaway email and zero KYC.

I keep my “change” for zapping around in it and send larger sats in the LN network on my own local node.

And of course all of my on-chain bitcoin is on a hardware wallet.

Don’t see the issue, at least until we can onboard people more easily to non-custodial wallets with equivalent features out of the box (e.g. lightning address auto generated on a non-custodial lightning wallet).

Because if we are trying to onboard the normies here we won’t do it by telling them to all run lightning nodes let’s be real.

I hope you know that Alby can also hook into your own node. That's how I use it :)

I've read their pages on it, but I still can't work out if it connects just the extension to my node or my account to my node. Is it possible to do the latter so I can route zaps from my Alby address straight to my own node?

If yes, what happens to the sats in my Alby wallet? And can I still use it? It's the Alby wallet I used to sign up here so I don't necessarily wanna lose it now.

I'm not sure how the account stuff works, I never used it. I just jumped straight to using my node. When doing it this way, you don't interact with their servers at all afaik

Yeah I just use one of the web UIs to do that personally. Only reason I'd wanna hook the two up is for the LN address. But I like how I got things setup now tbh, it's good psychologically to have separate spending and hodling wallets even putting the OPSEC and privacy element aside.

There's also another aspect that seems nobody talk about.

If I run a LN address server on my node machine, or even on a VPS, but pointing to my private LN node... then who would pay me to my would know even more about me:

  • who register that domain, IP / location of the servers
  • LN node ID, even if is private, IP/location

So why would I reveal that information with a tip / zap? Yes, I could run a LN address server over Tor, but again, why would I want to complicate like that just for a damn zap/tip?

Running behind a custodial pseudonymous account is the best way to hide.

Exactly right. That's another part of the reason I use Alby for Nostr, it's effectively an abstraction layer.

As you point out, you could run it through Tor (my node is only accessible by Tor anyway) and in fact you can even pay for domains and VPS's with bitcoin, but that's a whole lot of hassle if you all you want is a lightning address.

100% of SN sats are custodial

so what?

So what? I'm sure @k00b doesn't want to be legally liable for being an unregistered money service business, to open himself up to hacks stealing user funds, to be responsible at all for their money, or to see every transaction coming in and out of each user account. It doesnt matter how much it is, its fucking 2023, quit telling people to use custodians.

He can just switch the backend to be an eCash mint, calm your tits

10 sats \ 2 replies \ @k00b 21 Mar

Do eCash mints mitigate any of the legal liability as far as we know?

I doubt it reduces your legal liability, only deniability of how users are storing and moving funds, maybe if was a federated mint with members geographically dispersed, it could, but I am no legal expert.

Running the site from a corporation registered in Belize would.

I’m not even memeing. Sideshift, Exch, and so on are Belize corporations.

Good country to run a non-KYC crypto platform especially when no fiat is involved.

They're not meant as wallets - they're meant as a hot / short term balance for using the site.

If someone keeps his life savings on a social media buffer ... It's his own fault

Completely agree from a user standpoint, sure apps can have support for connecting to your LNDhub or something like that if you never want to trust anyone.

I think the big thing is either companies rug users or governments can capture company to rug users, but like you say its minimized by not having a large amount of sats on any one service

7041 sats \ 1 replies \ @fierillo 21 Mar

Start using Blixt wallet

is very easy to understand and is a pure lightning wallet,

the only challenge is to chose a good peer to open a channel, but there is a lot of rankings and list of recommenden peers, for example this

Apologies for the plug but my node is set to accept channels as low as 20k sats and has a good amount of incoming liquidity and connection to good peers if anyone wants to start small!

It is slightly skewered atm due to WoS recently encouring spam zaps as a stress test. But still, WoS is probably the dominating wallet right now. The answer is more custodial wallets! pls choice! pls! but noone seems to want to compete with WoS

Alby, and if you use Telegram also LN Tips. I spread out my custodial sats between the two for ease of use and keep the bulk on my own node. Not like it’s one or the other!

11 sats \ 0 replies \ @Bear 21 Mar

It's there's a way to receive zaps nn custodialy without having a domain?

Not sure if I want to run a LN node just to hold a couple of hundreds or thousands sats, that by today's value in fiat money are not that much. Maybe in the future, but for now, I'm willing to sacrifice security for usability when handling really small amounts.

  • Risk Current: I believe the majority of LN users have a fraction of their BTC on LN and they arent concerned about the custodial risk

Future: with BTC price appreciation + LN adoption = bigger portion on LN network which would be a much higher risk


Current: custodial wallets have much better UX so they attract more users as its quite challenging to have great UX for a non-custodial wallet (I know of breeze working on tackling that

Future: custodial & non custodial wallets will co-exist and they wil compete for UX & security, yield .... there will be rug pulls and other shaddy stuff ... but eventually we will get there

it's because of lnurl....

shocking that ease of use turned into lazy dopamine grabbing like normies who could have predicted this

What’s wrong with that?


Sounds great, wish you good luck ☺️

I use alby as my custodial solution, but I do not keep much in my wallet. In the near term, I am not going to set up my own LN node.