Watch out for the scam is Bitkit guys!

In Nov 2022 I start testing Bitkit, as presented to be a new LN node app for mobiles! As you know I am in Bitcoin from 2012 testing a lot all kind of Bitcoin apps, just to learn how to use them and report issues to devs and occasionally making guides about them.
So trying to test this new mobile LN app I end up having some issues. Is normal for a new beta app. So I reported on their github in two ocassions:
The issue wasn't reported only by me but also by other users.
So I waited for the devs to come up with a fix or at least an explanation. I was also trying to keep updated my Bitkit version and trying all kind of scenarios, looking for a fix somehow. I was just trying to test the app and help the devs .
So I was also asking in their Telegram group what is going on with that issue and why was treated as "low priority".
Then John Carvalho the CEO of Bitkit (@BitcoinErrorLog) jump in the chat trying to shut me down. I was genuinely asking a serious question, posted on their Github repo and trying to find out why that happen.
In the end he banned me from that chat just because I dare to ask serious questions, when in fact I was just trying to help them. LOL And here are the screenshots that he delete them all from the chat and all my posts (because I dare to ask questions).

So be aware! Bitkit is not supposed to be a LN node app for mobile!

I am calling it out this issue here! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
BTW... funds are still stuck in this app and I cannot recover them!
You've excluded all of my attempts to reason with you and explain things from the screenshot, but that's okay because the real message here is that you are not a user I am worried about losing.
You just wanted to complain and that is of limited usefulness to us. If you think you can do better, please do. I can only tolerate your noise for so long, and you found that limit.
Thank you for your testing feedback, and for your consideration, it will be considered appropriately.
Otherwise, I'd recommend some methods of stress relief, including, but not limited to, crying harder.
Is not about losing me as a user. I am not a simple user, I am a tester and also an educator of many other noobs and nocoiners. Behind me are many other people and I am not talking about people you see in Bitcoin chats, tweets and other groups, but real life, people that do not show their faces. And they really appreciate my words, because I was training them for years about Bitcoin apps and tools.
I didn't used Bikit just to be another "user"... I use it because was a new tool, with a new LN implementation.
But yeah as you said in the chat (and delete it) you are not focused into building a LN app, but something else. Removing me from the group chat just show that you do not want people to see and report what really is Bitkit. You just want dumb followers, not real users that know what they are doing.
I removed your ability to post because you were repeatedly causing noise and stress. I have very literal tolerance for noise, so I fixed it.
I don't want my team, or myself, distracted with your need for attention. Please take some responsibility for your side of this outcome.
Please prove it here with all the "noise" I posted in your Bitkit chat! Please post here all the messages I posted in that chat and how much "noise" I created... That chat is fucking dead, nobody is talking there. So for you, not reporting anything means silence for your developers? So how is supposed to know about issues if nobody is allowed to report issues?
YOU DELETE ALL THE MESSAGES! Because you want to hide that.
You have a big dev team. Also a lot of funding for this project. So you want to tell me that your dev team should not be bothered with reporting issues and make the app better?
You want me to believe that with such a big dev team and funding, nobody is capable and available to fix the core of the app that is the LDK node?
If your focus is NOT on making this app a LN app... then what is it?
I know how it feels to file a bug and it not get the attention one thinks it should, but having run teams that need to prioritize work effectively and where reported issues are only one source for engineering work, I don't think this means that Bitkit is a scam or that they don't care.
I checked out their GitHub and they have only one single issue labeled as high priority (which does seem like a bad one, and FWIW, their devs seem to be flailing on that one a little bit), and they have all other bugs marked as low priority. To me, this ratio probably indicates that they'd like to look into your issue but as a small team, their attention needs to be elsewhere right now.
their attention needs to be elsewhere right now.
shitcoining yeah...
Really? The homepage bills it as the ‘Your Ultimate Bitcoin Toolkit’. That would be quite the shift!
We have no plans for "shitcoins" and will never include any blockchain than Bitcoin in any of our products.
We do have interest in giving users ways to express credit use cases, like gift cards, and, gasp, stablecoins, but our interest is to show that you do not need shitcoins to do this, and that better credit systems can be used instead.
There is Bitcoin, and everything else is credit. This is a fact. We simply believe credit will always be part of a productive economy and want to show the best ways to express it, including Web-of-Trust systems that may empower people to make better, more relevant, choices on whom to trust when they do trust.
They literally want Tether, stablecoins, tokens and other shit inside... Bitkit is just the way to catch users and then fool them into shitcoining. What do you expect from a Bitfinex division company? Or are you in Bitcoinlandia from 2020 and don't know what Bitfinex did in the past?
I was a bit excited (sincerely) to see a LDK node on mobile and wanted to try it out... but then seeing this shit, now I know what is their plan.
FWIW, having seen how Carvalho conducts himself in the social space over the years, I’m not a fan and have completely ignored his project until you posted this.
But that said, if you hold a similarly low opinion, why in the heck did you get involved with testing and reporting issues?
why you get involved with testing and reporting issues?
Did you read my substack full of Bitcoin / LN guides?
For the last 10+ years I was in Bitcoin, all days I was testing and learning about Bitcoin. Then I start writing guides for more people, I have to give them all my accumulated knowledge, otherwise we will not have adoption.
I think I tested all Bitcoin apps all these 10+ years. Nodes, wallets, solutions for merchants... I onboarded a lot of people during these years. I know what am I talking about.
This is not to shitpost on Bitkit! Is to call out bad behavior in Bitcoin space and scammers / shitcoiners!
Fair enough, and kudos for your work there. But if this project is being run by someone that you consider to be a bad actor, don’t support it by filing bugs.
don’t support it by filing bugs.
Indeed I am doing that. I was starting from the premise that Bitkit was a good actor and really wanted to help the devs, like I did with many others, reporting issues on github, testing out releases, writing documentation, talking with devs and helping them. I wrote several documentation for many Bitcoin apps.
where do you get off saying they shitcoin? please provide evidence
I personally have little interest in "bitcoin" businesses because all they can do is try to get some percentage of your bitcoin, by offering you "bitcoin services" which I don't particularly need. As in the case with Casa, "bitcoin services" don't pay bills because bitcoin is open-source and doesn't need these third parties to improve it with their custodial services. In some way I consider "bitcoin services" a form of shitcoining because we all know they're turning our bitcoin into fiat to pay their bills.
that all said, keep up your good work. You don't leech of the community like so many "bitcoin services" influencers do. as far as I understand you work for the sake of knowledge and strengthening the community and I appreciate that worlds above rent-seekers.
You were not very civil, so I understand why he shut you down.
Bitkit is beta software and it says it on the app.
If you back-up your wallet, you should be able to recover your coins elsewhere, no?
I think you didn't paid attention / read to my github posts. about Bikit... Can you read?
Forget the bugs for a moment.
I think you are doing yourself a disservice with this post, by publicly accusing JC, here on SN and nostr, of being a scammer. This is a serious accusation...
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence...
PS: I have also recently reported a bug to his team and they were very courteous.
All the best to you.
This is a serious accusation...
Yes, I am serious. Is a scam because is fooling people into believing that Bitkit is a real LN app and in fact is not, is just a trap to push them into other shit (see the screenshot posted). Literally said: Onchain Bitcoin and slashtags features. Nothing else.
If they really want to be an slashtag app, so be it, but don't present Bitkit as a LN app, when is NOT, it just pretending. At least say it from the beginning: we are focusing only onchain and slashtags not on LN.
That is the alarm signal that I wanted to point out: they lie their users. For me personally, I don't give a shit what Bitkit want to achieve. The only thing I want is more people to use Bitcoin and LN. And that's why I test all available apps, to be well informed and be able to offer the right solution for each use case people are asking me for advice.
I read this unfold live in the telegram chat.
Egos and feelings are running high with darth.
What ever happened to low time preference?
Things of good quality take time to build.
The app is in beta John has said countless times it’s not ready for mainstream use. No one knows the type of budget or team John is working with. I am sure if had a budget and talent to address all concerns in a timely fashion he would but resources and talent are limited so top priorities must be addressed first. It be one thing if they deleted your bug report or never acknowledged it but to go this far and attack is kind of weak.
So you also saw that I was always constructive in the chat and also in the github posts. I offered always very detailed techincal explanations anf willing to help.
As many times I said: I wanted to test Bitkit exactly because is in beta version.
I don't know who have more ego in this case, me or John, that do not want people to bother his devs with techincal questions. Please show here all the chat discussion I had.
Indeed you did but I saw your frustration grow with John’s answers. Some of them I was like come on John Darth is just trying to help but then I was like thinking darth just leave them alone and let them work.
I can’t show you the chat the chat has been completely cleared of the conversation y’all two had.
I just think cooler heads needed to prevail.
This squabble only delays progress and can splinter what the main goal is here. I never want to diminish what you bring to the space. Developers are not gods and what they build needs educators like yourself to break down and explain.
I think Bitkit is awesome being able to pay contacts right in the wallet is something very cool that would put it on par with fiat apps like Venmo. I think Zeus is also working on brining contacts into the wallet as well.
And I think you saw the potential in this app unless your energy towards it wouldn’t be so high
I believe a constructive, non-aggresive and polite communication is the best way to move forward .......... other than that, attacking anyone doesnt achieve intended results
be nicer guys :)
you've outdone yourself this time @DarthCoin in terms of being absolutely unhinged
I don't think you are achieving what you are aiming to achieve with this post/replies on the post.
I do not aim to achieve anything than calling out liars and bad actors.
As I said: meanwhile is presented and shilled as "the best LN waller" in fact is not. The whole LN node of the app is not working!
John said that they are focusing only on bitcoin onchain and slashtags, no LN. Meanwhile posting lies on twitter
This is hypocrisy and lies. And I will call it out.
darthcoin with all due respect, you can be abrasive man, I kind of feel like I side with John Carvalho on this one.
Don't need to take sides. Use your brain and common sense. You will remember my words.