Hey everyone!

I would like to know your all thoughts and advice on high schoolers wanting to get into ln, nodes, and btc in general. For bitcoin, I do not mean the trading aspects but rather the technical aspects such as the architecture, etc.


If you're interested in the technical side of Bitcoin then definitely grab a laptop and try to setup some stuff (bitcoin core node, a lightning node, btc pay server, mempool.space self hosted instance, etc... anything you want).

Then you can try to hack around it, make yourself a small web donation page using those tools and post it here!

You'll learn lot of things just doing this.

Yes, the technical side is definitely something I want to focus heavily on. Thanks for all the project ideas, it will certainly help me learn a lot :)

The earlier the better. You'll learn a marketable skill while while ensuring your financial future.

That's certainly good to know. Do you feel there are any risks however in starting early in some cases?

Nope. Knowledge is a good thing.