Working on making notifications faster today. Then probably going to work on some of the low hanging fruit in the GitHub backlog + other small things before deciding what the next big thing is.
I need to also get in the habit of performing user interviews so will probably start reaching out to users about interviews before the end of the week.
Is there a search function on the site? I was trying to find the thread about sub suggestions this morning, but I failed. ;-; I assumed it wasn't the yellow "word bubble" in the bottom right, but I didn't test that theory. Is that the search bar?
Anyway, my suggestion for a sub is something dedicated to people running lightning nodes. Some guides for on-boarding newbs (me), opening first channels, properly maintaining channels, etc. I imagine this has already been thought of, but throwing it out there in case it hasn't.
Yeah it's the search bar. Click on the magnifying glass then search.
Oh! It's a magnifying glass. Of course. Haha. I thought it was a cartoon speech bubble. It's obvious now.
Just realized that back in May of last year I accidentally created a DB migration that deleted my index that makes threads and finding replies significantly faster. I'm not sure how that happened but it's the main culprit of slow notifications.
It also just slows down everything on the site period. We use these "tree" queries everywhere and they were completely unoptimized after that index was deleted. DANG.
It seems like the search is no longer sorted in reverse chronological order, its like a mixed bag
It’s sorted by relevance and always has been. How do you want it sorted?
I like cointastical's suggestions. Honestly I hadn't given it much thought. I was searching for something in particular and expected it to show up first because it was the most recent. Its probably shouldn't be as simple as chronological order as I suggested. You should consider integrating a mind-reading library.
You should consider integrating a mind-reading library.
😂 What was the term you used and what were you searching for? It's good to have cases to test when I tune search.
I'll let you know the next time I'm searching for something and how I think it should have showed up. I can't remember exactly what I was doing at the time, I should have mentioned it when I wrote my original comment...
One thing I was searching for that I couldn't find was this 'daily discussion thread'. I searched for 'daily' and didn't see it come up for me to find this post. There was something more specific I was looking for before that that prompted me to find this thread because I thought maybe the behavior changed because of indexing.
It shows up in reverse chronological order, but doesn't include the latest so I needed to grep like an animal
I know this isn't the way it works now but:
My preferences:
First search results are only where the match is in the title (i.e., come before any results where the only match is in the body), and of those, in reverse chronological order.
An example where I see improvement needed. Search for: fiatjaf
Why would a post from half a year ago come before one from yesterday? How could that one have been deemed to be more relevant?

Exact search:
Matches for exact search (in quotes) would come before any that are relevant that do not have that exact phrase.
Example: "private key"
Why would a comment reply that has only "256 bit key" come before some other comment reply that has an exact match, "private key"?
I'm assuming this is because exact search isn't supported and my search is eseentially identical whether I used quotes (phrase) versus just searched on the two words.

Search of URL or domain:
I want to search on a specific URL, or maybe just a domain and see all Link Posts for that URL or domain, in reverse chronological order).
I want to see the most recent Link posts that are for a link to
of course, if I provided a specific URL, I am looking for just that URL (or at least, any URL that include that.
Only include in the search results matches from r/bitcoin (which also includes other subdomain prefixes, such as )
Oh, and after Link posts, the next set of results should be Description posts where that URL or domain matched in the description. In other words, posts come ahead of comments/replies, but of posts, Link posts with a match come before Description posts with a match.

After that, by relevance is fine. But maybe eventually add a drop down or something where I can request sort "by most recent" or whatever label reverse chronological is given.
Many of these needs with SN's search are now resolved:
SN release: search filters #83923
And, just to help emphasize the importance of useful search:
twitter search is my favorite feature (and undervalued)