I receive quite good amount of sats from SN. I would like to give them back, but for good content of course. I usually tip good content, but lately are mostly links to tweets and shity news.

So let's make a test: make a good joke about Bitcoin (doesn't matter how dunk it is), important is to be good. I will reward sats for jokes.


Why do bitcoiners want a Lambo? Because they know Ferarri is owned by Fiat

Is a good joke, but need some comments.

There's no "bitcoin investors". Are simply freedom fighters. Bitcoin is freedom not "investment". If you look at Bitcoin as investment, you are on the wrong path.

To be honest i copy-pasted it xd. now corrected

I have a joke on Bitcoin But it requires so much energy to get it.

Good one, this is sketchy.

Goldstein, Silverstein….2025 Bitstein will be born, if they haven’t already.


indeed "crypto" is a joke...

A Bitcoiner walks into a bar.

Bartender asks, "What are you halving?"

You buy the dip? Fo sho Why? Fo mo

Profr: I'm sick of hearing about the price of Bitcoin... Nothing can increase that much and still be a good investment.

Me: I was talking about the price of college tuition since 1980.


Bit coin. Teeth hurt.

I just bought the domain satoshis.lol the other day. Let me know if you ever want to make a permanent bitcoin joke site