Curious if anyone has any strong opinions on what they want product wise.

5 sats \ 1 boost \ 110 tipped \ 1 replies \ @LibreHodl 19 Oct

Top articles. Reddit style. Sometimes I visit the site once every week. I feel like I'm missing the top articles from the week.

2 sats \ 20 tipped \ 0 replies \ @jack 20 Oct

I would love sorting by tipped or factoring tips more into results

4 sats \ 1 boost \ 20 tipped \ 2 replies \ @relc 19 Oct

I really enjoy incentive systems and reward functions. Sometimes a good reward function for humans is visually enhanced by levels, virtual badges, rare emotes or color.

Tips could have some kind of small img depending on value. I know many do not like visually enhanced gaming like reward extra bling because it distracts.

Maybe there is a clean way to make the upvote sats and tips visually more dominant and pleasing without overloading.

I really like the red thing popping up from time to time in the upper corner and the favicon. It triggers me a lot. Somhow i was trained to watch out for it.

3 sats \ 1 replies \ @k00b OP 19 Oct

This is good. I’ve always wanted to find a decent book on game reward design but haven’t found The One yet.

3 sats \ 0 replies \ @relc 19 Oct

biggest game reward out there is a gamer toplist. like in every good old arcade pinball ;)

4 sats \ 10 tipped \ 3 replies \ @g4ala 18 Oct

Are you not addressing the current list, before embarking on something new? Not criticising, just asking.

3 sats \ 10 tipped \ 2 replies \ @k00b OP 19 Oct

The list is always tentative and subject to new info for prioritizing. If you’re on here, reading this, and participating I’d prefer to prioritize what you all want.

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A 'Dark Mode' theme please.

3 sats \ 10 tipped \ 0 replies \ @g4ala 19 Oct

The 'sub topic' should (IMHO) also be implemented, so that the content can start and take on some organisation: there are many very good posts that have simply become buried, which may not have been the case, had they had a 'sub'. As an add-on to this, maybe a way for users to 'follow' a thread?

4 sats \ 20 tipped \ 1 replies \ @nout 18 Oct

#15: Be able to see top posts today, this week, this month :)

And then we could start doing some fun things. Like AMAs with Lightning friendly podcasters or authors? Preston Pysh, @dergigi, BTCSessions, Adam Curry or others. I think that would be really fun to organize, schedule and folks could highlight it on twitter, etc. I did AMA here and that was lots of fun.

3 sats \ 0 replies \ @k00b OP 19 Oct

Yes, more sorting. Thanks for reminding me!

I also had 2 more confirmations (in person) today for doing AMAs. I just have to get brave and ask.

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Here are my wants (somewhat prioritized by what would likely be quick to implement first):

3 sats \ 0 replies \ @taxd 18 Oct

Some type of DM.

2 sats \ 0 replies \ @gmd 31 Oct

Borrowing another feature from reddit- not sure what % people have their accounts linked to email but I wonder if email notifications for comments might be worthwhile. It might shorten the cycle between comment replies, potentially generating more interactive discussion. Could also provide a potential ad monetization route via email.

2 sats \ 10 tipped \ 1 replies \ @gmd 21 Oct

Kind of small but wouldn't mind some clickable JS assists for inserting markdown link URLS and images .. or just a quick and dirty markdown assist cheatsheet that on-click pops up below the textbox like reddit has (rather than having a pop-up to an outside URL in new tab). Maybe a similar emoji insertion assist for non-mobile users.

+1 vote for top of the day/week/month/year/all-time - one of my favorite reddit features.

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(Reddit has something like this that pops-below the comment entry textbox:)

reddit preview