I believe me and @ekzyis have a lot in common when it comes to our interests and passions - programming, networking, security, privacy, bitcoin, and all things tech related.
His two territories ~crypto (cryptography) and ~security (meat space and cyber space), are part of my short list of territories that I frequently check out and recommend.
It's surprising that ek hasn't received many comments on his bio... considering the proof-of-work he consistently showcases and his contributions to SN. He definitely deserves more recognition. Hey, @Natalia and @davidw, show him some love by leaving a comment on his profile aswell! 😄
@ekzyis is kind of a big deal. Really pushing Stacker News forward not just on the dev side but also with engaging original discussions.
Loved by many stackers from afar, and always raising the bar 👏
I guess stackers usually pay more attention to the bio comment part when new accounts join - being warm welcoming.
I haven't really thought about using it to share love haha, but yes, I agree with you - we need to show more love to people whom we care about.
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Btw, I think you left out CTFs on purpose. I will make it my mission to also make you interested in CTFs in 2024, lol :)
yeah, you are right, it was the first time i heard that term (maybe second, i think i remember a scene from Mr. Robot where he was in an underground hacker club or something and they were hacking each other i think that was CTF right?) 😃 i haven't looked much into it tho
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Yep, there was a scene like this :)
And I think they weren't hacking each other. That's a specific form of CTFs: Attack and Defense
I think it was a Jeopardy-style CTF as explained here:
Jeopardy-style CTFs has a couple of questions (tasks) in range of categories. For example, Web, Forensic, Crypto, Binary or something else. Team can gain some points for every solved task. More points for more complicated tasks usually. The next task in chain can be opened only after some team solve previous task. Then the game time is over sum of points shows you a CTF winer. Famous example of such CTF is Defcon CTF quals.
I only played Jeopardy-style CTFs so far though.
I need to rewatch the show. I only watched the first 3 seasons (i think?) when they came out, many years ago.
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Oh, this means you didn't finish it? It's well worth finishing it imo :)
Yeah. Life got in the way, and for some reason i completely forgot about it.
This time i will understand the show/hacking scenes better ;)
The OST's were amazing too.
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Btw, I think we didn't specify this in our contract so that's on me but ...
Are you going to delete this comment? lol
No, the comments will never be erased from the timeline. :) will update the post later.
Oh wow, what a way to start the year! I just woke up and this is the first notification that I read on my phone.
Thank you for your kind words, this was well worth 500 sats. And was indeed a steal since I got 2 comments for free as @Natalia mentioned, lol